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Are You an Empath?

Have you ever felt a strong emotion that you knew was being experienced by the person you are with? When you walk into a room can you get a sense of the atmosphere in the room? Do you feel overwhelmed when in crowded places because you are picking up the feelings and thoughts of all those people in the crowd? If so, then chances are you are an empath.

Sensitive people

Empathy is the ability to understand and experience the emotions that others are feeling and we usually show some form of it. We see someone suffering and we feel sadness and the need to reach out and help the person.

However, empaths are individuals who have a natural ability to sense the feelings, emotions and energies of other people and places on a profound level. They can be called “too sensitive” because of the emotions that they feel.

Empaths feel and experience other people’s emotions on a deeper level than other people. Sometimes the feelings of an empath extend beyond mere emotions where they can feel the physical pain of someone who has been injured or physically hurt.

So, how do you know if you are an empath? What are the signs that distinguish empaths from the rest of us?

Indications you are an empath

As mentioned, empaths have the ability to feel other people’s emotions on a deeper level. The feeling can be so profound for the empath that they think that it is their own emotion that they are experiencing.

Other common signs shared amongst empaths are:

● Feeling overwhelmed when out in public, especially in crowded places. The empath is bombarded by the emotions and feelings of the people that surround them when in public places.

● They can feel the atmosphere of a room, whether positive or negative. They are sensitive to the residue energies within the room.

● People come and share with you and seek your counsel because you are a great listener and share heart-felt advice.

● Have and affinity for animals and nature. Empaths have a deep attraction to nature and need to spend time alone either at the river, in the forest or at the beach. This allows them to recharge and rebalance.

● Need alone time. Though empaths are loving, sometimes they over commit themselves and become exhausted. In order to regain lost energy, empaths need to have time to be by themselves.

● Are deeply affected by the violence and tragedy that they see in the world. The effect on the empath is so profound that they feel as though they are the victim.

● Can read a person on a deep level because they can sense the emotions behind what that person is telling them. Empaths can easily pick up when they are being lied to.

● Empaths are susceptible to illness and disease. The amount of emotions that flood the empath, means that they become depressed and stressed which affects their immune system.

● Have an enthusiasm for life because empaths are full of energy and positivity.

● Don’t like conflict. Empaths find tense environments extremely unsettling, so they have a desire to bring peace into the situation.

If you find that you can identify with several or more of the above indicators, then you are most likely an empath! Congratulations!

Too much energy! Protect yourself!

As you have seen, empaths are constantly showered by the emotions of the people around them. This allows them to understand what others are experiencing and offer them advice and healing.

However, the barrage of emotions can take its toll on empaths. Some empaths resort to drugs and alcohol as a means to dealing with the overwhelming flood of feelings. Also, the onslaught of energy can have an effect on the health of the empath.

Here are some ways that empaths can use to protect themselves from the ongoing assault of emotions, feelings and energies that they face.

People are generally okay

Because of their love and their desire to help others, empaths can over commit themselves as they try and help as many people as possible. This can learn to exhaustion and burnout. If empaths accept that most people are okay (life is full of ups and downs for everyone), then they can learn to let go and focus on those who are truly in need of guidance and counsel.

Avoid energy vampires

Have you ever been around someone who seems to suck all the energy out of you and leave you feeling completely drained? You have just been the victim of an energy vampire. Because of their heightened sensitivity empaths can be affected by energy vampires than the rest of us. For empaths to protect themselves, they need to avoid, or if that isn’t possible, minimise contact with those who take pleasure in sucking the energy out of them.


Meditating allows us to rebalance and restore energies. If an empath feels out of sorts, then take time out and meditate. It will leave you feeling re-energised and focused.

Go for a walk in nature

As we have seen, one trait of empaths is their natural connection with nature. To bring balance back within the empath’s energies, go for a walk in nature. Take a stroll along the beach or take a wander through the forest and the environment to wash over you, cleanse you and ground you.


Empaths absorb the energies and emotions of others like a psychic sponge. In order to let that extra energy to disappear, the empath needs to spend time alone. Sometimes this can be hard to do if you are in an intimate relationship, but it’s necessary to separate yourself and just be by yourself in an environment that will allow you to relax and release the energies that have taken on. You can let people know that you just need some “alone time”.

Because empaths are so willing to help others, they usually neglect the most important person of all...themselves. By protecting yourself, you are ensuring that you are balanced, energised and in harmony with the world around you. Then you can reach out in compassion and love and assist those who are in need of your advice.

The world needs empaths

The world is always reaching out for people that will help those who are suffering. Empaths have the unique ability to pick up on the subtle energies and emotions of those around them and feel those emotions on a fundamental level that moves the empath to take action to alleviate the suffering.

If you are an empath and feel that you are struggling and drowning against the tide of energy that floods you every day, then make sure that you protect and ground yourself. Choosing those you interact with, taking time to go out and enjoy and reconnect with nature, withdrawing yourself for some time alone and meditating will ensure that you deal with any excessive energies and emotions that you have absorbed.

Being an empath is a gift. Embrace it and release it to heal the world.

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