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Being a Highly Sensitive Person - How to Cope (HSP)

As a highly sensitive person, you are more prone than other people to being bombarded and overwhelmed by the energies and emotions of the people and environments you interact with every day.

You can end up feeling drained and rundown.

Perhaps you even feel vulnerable because you are absorbing everything and you just wish you had a way to provide yourself with some form of protection.

It may be that you think that it’s all too much and wonder what you can do to cope.

There is a way to gain control when you get to that point where you feel you are about to go over the edge. It is possible to get the balance back in your life and recharge yourself.

Taking time out for yourself and isolating yourself is necessary for any of us but more so for those of you who are highly sensitive. On a more spiritual level chakra work and balancing, crystals, smudging and meditation also can do wonders in helping you regain that balance of energy that you need.

Combining psychological approaches with spiritual practices offers a holistic strategy that will help you in dealing with the emotions and energies you take on board every day.

Psychological Coping Methods

Highly sensitive people are made that way by their natural genetics and respond in a greater way to the things that non highly sensitive people pay little regard to. They get overwhelmed and feel like it’s all too much.

But there are things you can do as a highly sensitive person to cope when you feel like you are drowning in all that input that’s flooding in.

Identify your triggers

They always say that the first step in overcoming a problem is by finding its cause. As a highly sensitive person, you may be all too aware of what “sets you off”.

If you aren’t so sure, then take time over the next week or two becoming consciously aware of what you were doing, who you were with, what was said and even where you were that made your highly sensitive switch flip from “Off” to “On”

Once you know what it is that affects you you can then take steps in eliminating (if possible) or minimising your exposure to those things, people, places or situations.

Time out

Being highly sensitive sometimes you need to withdraw from everything and everyone. That’s fine as we all need to have our “alone time” where we just go and be with ourselves. It’s a time of healing and recharging.

To make your time of isolation more effective, dim the lights (some highly sensitive people are affected by bright light), play some soft, soothing music in the background and allow yourself to drift away in the bliss of relaxation.

Prioritise your time

Time can be the enemy of highly sensitive people. Time constraints and deadlines can cause excessive stress and anxiety. To better cope with time look at how you can use it more effectively.

Plan ahead so that you have more time to complete things in a longer time frame. Leave the house earlier so you aren’t rushing.

Sure, there will be situations when you can’t control time, such as in tests. The best thing to do when you are faced with a situation like that is to take several deep breaths and relax.

Make your home an oasis of calm and positivity

After a day of being pounded by an onslaught of emotions and feelings, you want to come home and rewind. We mentioned about isolating yourself, but why not expand your tranquil space to encompass your entire home?

Place things throughout your home that you love and which fill you with positivity. Also, have your house set up to provide a calming atmosphere. Reduce any clutter and excess noise. Make your home your sanctuary where you know you can revive yourself.

It may be a little harder to make your home that oasis you desire if you have a family. But talk to them and ask them to help as best they can.

Spiritual Coping Methods

Taking time out to refresh yourself can be great for your body and mind, yet there is still the spiritual side that needs some TLC,

As a highly sensitive person, you absorb energies (both positive and negative) and are more susceptible to the subtler energies which can leave you feeling either drained (if you have been exposed to negative energies) or elated (from all the positive energy around you).

Within you is your spirit, also referred to as your subtle energy body (which probably has been neglected by you for most of the day). The psychic energy that you may have picked up from your environment or from other people during the day can influence this energy body, so you need to give it the attention that it needs.

When you feel your energy is out of balance it’s time to harmonise that imbalance so that you feel whole, rejuvenated and ready to go once more!

Taking care of your spirit and realigning your energies can be done through meditation, chakra work, smudging, crystals and psychic protection.


You can do this as part of your time of self-isolation.

In your chosen location just sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take several deep breaths. Allow yourself to relax and just visualise the negative energy flowing out of you with each exhale and positive energy entering you as you breathe in. Feel yourself being restored and refreshed. Don’t rush, take your time and when you feel you are ready, slowly open your eyes and give yourself to readjust to the room.

The point in meditation is to allow yourself to be “reset” so that your energies are back in balance.

Chakra work

Within your subtle energy body, there are seven major energy centres (there are actually more, yet most people focus primarily on the seven main ones). When any of these centres are out of alignment, it can affect you spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically.

For highly sensitive people the main chakras to focus on are the lower ones that deal with emotions:

⦁ The root chakra (located at the base of your spine and is red in colour)

⦁ The sacral chakra (situated in your pelvic area and is orange in colour)

⦁ The solar plexus chakra (located just above your belly button, in your abdominal area and is yellow)

Here is how you can keep these centres in check:

Take several deep, cleansing breaths and visualise the white light of the divine entering you through the top of your head. Picture the light running down your spine and entering into your root chakra. Feel the chakra responding to the cleansing white light of the divine. Imagine the root chakra expanding and glowing a bright red.

Next picture the white light entering your sacral chakra, cleansing and restoring it with the white light of the divine. Visualise your sacral chakra growing and glowing bright orange colour.

Finally, imagine the white light of the divine entering your solar plexus chakra. Feel the chakra spinning clockwise and expanding, its yellow light getting stronger.

When you have focused on all three chakras, imagine the white light exiting you through the top of your head (or if you want to you can carry on working with the other four chakras). When you feel you are ready, open your eyes and thank the divine for cleansing and restoring you.

The reason you feel run down and exhausted is that you have absorbed so much energy throughout the day and you need to work on rebalancing your energy centres so that you’re “whole” again.

Once you bring your chakras back into line, everything is back in order and harmonious. You’re ready to face the world again!


Everything vibrates at a frequency. You, your neighbour, your dog, your cat, the trees, the flowers and crystals. What does that have to do with coping with being highly sensitive?

We can pick up on those vibrations that surround us and find they affect us spiritually, mentally and physically as we absorb the lower or higher frequencies. Highly sensitive people can be like an extremely receptive antenna to those frequencies.

Crystals can help in restoring our vibrational field because of their unique natures. Each crystal resonates at a certain frequency that we can tap into to restore the energy that we have lost during the day.

There are several ways that you can work with crystals such as placing them around your house to absorb energy, sleeping with them under your pillow or, most importantly for highly sensitive people, carry them with you throughout the day so that they can protect you and absorb the negative energies that you may come across.

Here are several crystals that can help you cope as a highly sensitive person:

⦁ Clear Quartz: You can infuse this crystal with positive energy through affirmations. It’s well known to be a great crystal for emitting positive energies whilst taking in the negative energy that you may be surrounded by and offers you protection.

Citrine: This crystal is a good rebalancing stone and helps you reinfuse your energy when you are feeling run down, It also is ideal for helping you remove any blockages you feel and cleansing negativity that may have infiltrated into your spirit.

Labradorite: If you know you have to deal with people that are going to suck your energy away, then you need to bring this crystal with you when you meet them. It’s a protective stone that has the property of shielding you from negative energy. It also helps in relaxing you and calming your mind when you are wanting to take some time out for yourself.

Moonstone: This crystal is a stabiliser. When you feel like your emotions are all over the place, then get your hands on some Moonstone. You will find things settling down within you.

Hematite: If you need grounding and balancing, then Hematite is the crystal for you. Its innate properties provide you with calmness and protection. It’s also a good stone to bring with you when you are going into negative situations.

Amethyst: When you have times of stress, Amethyst will come to the rescue and help you relax. This crystal also acts as a guard to shield your energy fields, aura and chakras from negativity.

There are many more stones available that can help you deal with situations and people as a highly sensitive person. Those who do crystal work will tell you that you don’t choose crystals, crystals choose you. So, as a highly sensitive person, select the crystal or crystals that you have an instant affinity with when you visit your local crystal retailer.


Smudging is the act of removing negativity from your environment and yourself through the use of sage sticks

When you come home after a day out, maybe you feel a lot of negative energy clinging to you. To remove the bad energy from yourself here is how to smudge yourself with sage:

Use a candle to light the sage and then hold it at arm’s length away from you. Set the intention or repeat a mantra that you are removing the negativity from you and allow the smoke from the embers to cover you. Use your free hand to sweep the smoke over you. Start with your feet and work your way up toward your head. As the smoke envelops you imagine the negative energy being banished from your spirit and body.

Once you have completed the exercise, extinguish the embers and take note of how amazing and clean you feel!

Smudging is a way of allowing yourself to regain the energy balance if you feel like you’ve had a particularly rough day and been overloaded by bad vibes all day.

There is no set rule on how often you should smudge yourself, but once a week will keep you feeling topped up. However, you can do this any time you feel emotionally drained.

Psychic shield

To reduce the effect of negative and bad energy from hammering you, you can surround yourself in a shield that will act as a force field keeping you protected. It’s a psychic shield that will envelop you, helping you stay safe against the negativity that tries to infiltrate you.

It’s pretty straight forward to create this shield of protection. Here is what you do:

Close your eyes and take several deep, cleansing breaths. Visualise the white light of the divine coming down from the universe and entering through the top of your head. Picture the light spreading out from you, encircling you in a cone of protection that extends several feet in all directions around you. Feel the warmth and comfort of this light as it cocoons you. It’s your white light shield of protection and nothing harmful or negative can penetrate through.

This shield of protection can get depleted by the negative energy that attacks it, but you can strengthen it again and rebuild your defence by reinfusing the shield with the white light of the divine.

Mix and match

The different techniques we have covered in this section don’t have to be performed by themselves, though you do have that option. You can combine them in whichever way you desire to help you bring restoration for yourself as a highly sensitive person.

For example, you can combine chakra work with crystals by choosing crystals that match the colour of the chakra you’re working with.

You can combine the psychic shield exercise with meditation.

Smudge your crystals to remove any negative energy from them and then you will have stones that are going to give you the greatest results.

The sky literally is the limit and it’s up to you to choose whether you want to combine these techniques or not.

Pick what works for you, which means whatever exercise or technique helps you bring back the balance and harmony in your energy and emotions.

Time to step out refreshed

Using the techniques we have covered will help you cope with the onslaught of emotions and stress that can overwhelm you as a highly sensitive person.

You need to take time out and look after yourself, not only physically but also emotionally and spiritually.

Relax, refresh, recharge and then step back out into the world! Just remember to make sure you have done everything you can to cope.

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