• Hali Kalju

Developing Intuition

Ever have the gut feeling that the decision you’re making is the right one, yet you go against that inclination and, well...fall flat on your face. Then you wonder what went wrong and kick yourself for not following your gut and instead allowing your head to lead you.

That deep guidance that you chose to ignore was your intuition. Yet, how well are you attuned to your inner guidance? Your intuition is like a natural GPS system guiding you through life toward your destiny.

Your intuition is tuned in finely to the universe and what the universe wants for your life, which is success and happiness. Learn how to get in touch with your intuition and you will find your life blossom in ways you never imagined.

So, how does one develop and strengthen their intuition?

Ego Death

Our ego is our sense of identity and we use it to dictate what we like, don’t like and what we will do.

We are led by our heads and intellect when we allow the ego to reign and we tend to shut off the heart, Yet, the heart seems to know more than the head does.

It’s time to pay less attention to our ego and more to what our spirit, which is connected to the universe, is telling us. To do that requires that we quiet our mind, remove the external distractions and listen to what is being said within us.


Meditation is great for helping develop and tune into your intuition. It allows you to shut out the outside world and focus within.

Thoughts will come and your mind will start to get busy with distractions, but acknowledge the thoughts yet don’t dwell on them.

Listen to your heart and your spirit. What do you feel you are being told? How different is that to what you would usually do? How do you know it’s your intuition communicating with you and not something else?

As you spend time practising meditation you will discover that you are becoming more aware of what it is your heart wants. Follow that yearning, it’s your intuition leading you.

Open your third-eye chakra

The third-eye chakra is associated with intuition and psychic awareness, so it’s no wonder that focusing on this chakra will enhance your intuitive ability.

To open your third-eye Chakra isn’t difficult. Just practice third-eye meditation where you close your eyes, focus your attention on the space between your eye-brows and just allow any images, visions or pictures to come through.

Raise your vibration

Your intuition is the communication gateway between you and the universe. The universe wants you to succeed and be blessed, yet if you aren’t in sync with what the universe is offering you, then you miss out.

Raising your vibrations will help you get in step with the universe. You will become more intuitive to the signs that the universe is providing you and you can act and take guidance from those promptings.

To raise your vibration, become aware of your thoughts. Replace negative ones with positive thoughts. Become more thankful and notice the beauty that surrounds you every day.

Eating organic foods and drinking filtered or spring water also help in increasing your vibration.

Another practice for raising your vibrations is to do acts of kindness to those around you. As you act in love, you are helping your vibrations reach the next level.

When you operate in the higher frequencies, then you will start to be more intuitive.

Connect with the universe

When you connect with the universe, you are plugging into the source of all things. You can access the guidance you need as you question your next step.

Meditation is a fundamental way to align yourself with the universe and get advice from the angels and spiritual guides who are lovingly waiting to help you with their wisdom.

Also, you and the universe are intimately connected through your spirit. By spending quiet time alone and focusing within yourself, you will be astounded how loudly your spirit and the universe is speaking to you. The more you listen, the clearer you will hear your intuition. It just takes practice and patience.

Becoming more intuitive is simple

It is possible to be more intuitive, it just requires patience and practice. As you spend time meditating and connecting with the universe, you will feel your intuition become stronger.

For so long we have listened to our minds and egos. It’s time to set those aside, have some quiet time where you get to know your heart and it’s leading in a deeper way. When you do that, then you will be well on the way to being led by and acting on your intuition.

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