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Guidance through Angel Numbers

Trying to get your attention

You have a big meeting in another country. Instead of taking your car you decide to use public transport to get you to the airport. Waiting at the bus stop you checked to see what bus you need to hop on, Bus Number 222.

Arriving at the airport, you rush to the check-in counter and get your boarding pass. Checking your plane ticket as you make your way to the boarding gate you see that the flight number is 222. You smile to yourself at the coincidence of the number being the same as the bus.

You jump on the plane and eventually arrive at your destination. You take a taxi to your hotel, check-in and are told you are going to be staying in Room 222. Grabbing the key to your room, you head for the elevator and go to your room. As you unlock the door, you look wearily at the number on the door and you begin to wonder what it is about 222. After all, you have come across the number several times on your journey.

As you place your luggage in the room, you think more about how often you have come across the number 222 just recently and contemplate if there is any significance behind you experiencing this number so often on your trip. Is there some message or meaning behind it, or has it just been a random event which you are trying to read into?

After your shower, you have a rest on you bed and then you wake up and look blurry eyed at the clock to see what the time is. It’s 2:22. You jump up from the bed when you see that sequence of numbers again and now you are contemplating what does it mean? It’s like someone is trying to tell you something? But what and who is trying to get through to you?

Your angels are reaching out to you.

Maybe you don’t realise it, but angels are always around us. They want to communicate with you and offer you guidance and direction in your life as you contemplate what directions and decisions you should make.

However, because angels are high vibrational beings that operate at higher frequencies than what you may be attuned to, there is a difficulty for them to communicate with us. They can’t just appear in front of you and have a chat, then disappear (though there have been rare cases of such experiences).

To overcome this barrier of communication, angels will send you messages through your dreams, intuition and through signs and symbols. One of the signs that the angels can use is that of angel numbers.

It’s in the numbers

Angel numbers are strings of numbers in which the angels and spirits are sending you divine guidance. Numbers possess a specific vibrational meaning and when they appear time and again in our experience, it’s time to take notice.

The numbers may appear as a single digit. For example, you may find yourself coming across the number “1” again and again (either during your daily activities or in your dreams). Or you may find that you are seeing the same sequence of numbers (such as “222”, “333”, “999”).

The more numbers in the sequence enhances the power and importance of the message behind the angel numbers. That is, the number 444 (triple digit sequence) carries more urgency behind what the spirits are trying to communicate with you than the number 4 (single digit).

So, when you are coming across the same number in different forms (it can be the time 3:33, it can be a price or value on a receipt or bill $3.33, or maybe you have just jumped into a taxi and saw the driver’s registration number is 333), then you need to stop and ask yourself “What is it that the angels, spirits and universe is trying to tell me?”

There is meaning behind the numbers!

What do the numbers mean?

There are lots of different angel numbers, but there are some that are common. Here are a few of the more common ones and what they mean.

111 This number means that there is a gate of opportunity opening, so be aware of any new chances to take your life in a new direction. Also, it can indicate that you have started your spiritual awakening and for you to do divine work with your angels, spirit guides and the Universe to create your ideal life.

222 If you are coming across “222” it’s a sign from your angels that you are on the right path for your life. Keep heading the way you are going. There may be feelings of doubt, but step out and follow your intuition.

333 The message behind this number is that the Ascended Masters are with you and you can call out to them for their assistance. It also is a sign for you to awaken to your higher calling and dedicate yourself to personal and spiritual development.

444 The “Angelic Presence” number. Your angels are close to you and ready to help you. “444” can also mean that now is the time to start or develop a project you have been thinking about because you can be assured that Divine support is available to you.

555 There is a major change in your life coming, so get ready. The change will be positive and life-transforming. This angel number can mean you need to align yourself with the higher spiritual energies. Another message behind 555 is that of encouraging you to connect to your higher self and pursue your spiritual awakening,

666 The number 6 is associated with the earth, so this sequence of three “6’s” is the angels way of letting you know that your thinking is out of balance and too much focused on the earthly realm and materialism. It’s a call for you to rebalance your thoughts and beliefs and to become realigned with the spiritual dimension.

777 If you come across this number, watch out because you are about to see miracles occur in your life! Another meaning is that you need to focus your inner wisdom into something creative that will eventually find itself manifesting in the earthly realm.

888 Experiencing this number is a sign that you are about to have a breakthrough in your finances. Also, it can indicate that you are to pay particular attention to what the universe is telling you regarding your finances (Is it time to change your job/career? Perhaps you are ready to make that investment you have been contemplating? Maybe now is the time to start or expand your business).

999 This is a sign that a particular chapter in your life is coming to an end with an exciting new chapter about to start. It can mean that you are on the path to a higher calling and purpose for your life.

000 The pattern of triple zeros is the angels and spirit guides way of helping us remember that within you you can feel the universe’s love. When you are having a dark time in your life, this number reminds us that the universe, the angels and spirit guides care deeply for us.

Now you know

When you keep coming across the same number, it’s not a random coincidence. It’s your angels and spirit guides reaching out to you to send you a message. It’s synchronicity, which is simply the universe trying to get your attention because there is something it wants to tell you.

The number you are seeing indicates what the particular message is because each number has its own unique vibration and meaning.

Will you keep seeing the number forever? No. There will be a time when you will stop seeing the angel number. This happens when you pay heed to the message that the angels are sending through the number and you take action on the message.

So next time you start seeing a number cropping up constantly in your life (and in your dreams!), take note. It’s you receiving divine guidance from your loving angels and spirit guides.

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