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How Often Should You See Your Energy Healer

When it comes to looking after yourself, how many times have you thought about your spiritual and emotional health? Sure, we know how to take care of our bodies. We eat well, ensure that our meals are balanced. Perhaps some of you go for a regular workout at the gym or enjoy some other form of physical exercise. We go to our doctor for a medical check to make sure that we are fine.

Yep, we know how to take care of ourselves...physically. Yet what about our emotional and spiritual health? How often do we think we need to go to an energy healer? If we just focus on the physical aspect of our being we aren’t considering the full picture of our well-being.

Think holistically

You are more than your body. You have a spirit/soul that also needs attention in order for you to function and live at your optimum. However, many fail to pay heed to the requirements of the soul. WIthin us are energy centres, the seven chakras, that run along your spine. Each of these affects an aspect of your well-being.

The Root Chakra (located at the base of your spine)

This energy centre is associated with your survival, ambition and self-sufficiency. When you feel insecure, fearful, have a lack of purpose in your life or lack of ambition it is an indication that this chakra is out of balance and in need of a tune-up. Physically you may have lower-back pain, sciatica, diarrhoea, constipation, impotence or other issues with your lower body and legs.

The Sacral Chakra (situated in your lower abdomen)

The Sacral Chakra is linked to your sexuality, creativity and self-worth. When it is off-balance you may be highly irritable, have low energy or little creativity or experience obsessive sexual thinking. Bodily issues can be kidney problems, sexual disorders, infertility or trouble with your intestines, spleen or gall bladder.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (positioned above the navel in your solar plexus)

This chakra is all about our ego, anger and aggression. When it isn’t in balance we may have low self-esteem, depression or problems containing our anger. Also, digestive problems, diabetes, eating disorders, obesity and acne are physical symptoms that can indicate this chakra is out of alignment.

The Heart Chakra (located in your heart area)

The Heart Chakra is all about our feelings of love, passion, attachment and compassion. If you feel jealous, have trust issues, show little concern or compassion for others, have anxiety or are moody, then it’s time to look at bringing your Heart chakra back into balance. Physically you may have pneumonia, asthma, respiratory issues, upper back pain or premature ageing if this centre is imbalanced.

The Throat Chakra (situated at the base of your throat)

This chakra is associated with communicating truthfully and authentically as well as being linked to expressions of inspiration and faith. Being unable to express your thoughts, feel timid, quiet or weak can be a sign that there is an imbalance with your throat chakra. You may experience irritated sinuses, a sore throat, loss of voice, thyroid issues, problems with your teeth or gums and issues with your esophagus or tonsils.

The Third Eye Chakra (located in your forehead between your eyebrows)

Your Third Eye Chakra is linked to knowledge about yourself, intuition, understanding and insight from the spiritual realms. Indications that this chakra is out of balance is a fear of success or being non-assertive. Headaches, blurry vision, spinal conditions, glaucoma and eye-strain can be physical signs that this chakra needs your attention.

The Crown Chakra (found at the crown of your head)

This energy centre is the gateway into the spiritual dimension as well as being the centre to dynamic thought, enlightenment and energy. Destructive feelings, lack of joy or constant frustration can mean that this chakra is in need of balancing. Physically, an out of balance Crown chakra is indicated by sensitivity to light, dementia, autoimmune disorders and neurological disorders.

When we pay attention to the symptoms that indicate our energy system is out of alignment, then we can take action to put it back in order. Now we are thinking of ourselves as a complete whole. We are considering our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being. We have embraced a holistic approach to our overall health.

You need regular check-ups

As mentioned earlier, you may be doing everything you know to do to ensure that physically you are healthy. You watch your diet, you exercise and make sure you have plenty of rest so that your body can function at it’s best. Yet, there are times when you go to the doctor, or the doctor will remind you, that it’s time for your checkup.

But what’s point of having a check-up if you know you are doing everything right to maintain your physical health? Sometimes, in the background of your amazing body, there may be lurking something that evades your detection. Your medical professional can check that there are no gremlins in your system and, if there are, you can take a course of action to try and stop that monster before it does any damage.

Let’s now consider what happens with our the energy-centres of our chakras (which, can affect our emotional, mental and physical well-being). Each day we are exposed to stresses, whether that be at home or in the workplace, as well as negative people or situations that just seem to drain us of our energy. We can also be in toxic environments that influence our emotional well-being.

The result is that we feel run down, tired and lacking energy. Meditating and focusing on rebalancing our chakras is something that we can do by ourselves to bring the system back in order. Yet, at times, just as we need to go to a doctor for a checkup if we feel under the weather physically, we need to go and pay a visit to our energy healer when we feel like our energy is being sucked out of us.

Your energy healer is able to detect blockages in your chakra system that you may have missed. They can bring healing and offer you advice regarding any issues with your chakras and if there is a specific chakra that needs attention you and your energy healer can work out a course of action.

How often should you see your energy healer?

A regular visit to your energy healer will ensure that you are operating at your holistic maximum capacity. But then the question becomes: How regular is “regular”?

Everybody is different and some people may want to visit their energy healer more often than others. Some may choose to visit their healer on a weekly basis. Others may decide that once every two months is what they need.

Usually, when initially dealing with any energy issues it pays to visit your energy healer weekly until the situation is resolved. After that, a visit every 6-8 weeks will ensure that anything you may have missed in your daily energy-balancing exercises (such as meditation, yoga, etc) can be addressed and dealt with by your healer.

It’s all about maintaining your wellness on a spiritual, emotional and physical level. Regular visits to your healer guarantee that you are living a life full of energy and health.

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