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How to Activate Your Pineal Gland (And Keep It Activated)

In the centre of your brain, lodged between the left and right hemispheres of your brain is a pea-sized gland that has been of interest to many cultures over the past few millennia. The pineal gland plays a role in your wake cycle through its release of melatonin. When it becomes activated, the pineal gland allows us to feel more connected with the natural world as well as becoming more intuitive and gaining clearer insight about our lives and situations around us.

Also, known as the Third Eye, Hindus believe that the pineal gland provides you with clairvoyance and the Buddhists claim that it is a symbol of spiritual awakening.

But how does one activate this tiny little gland? Here are a few techniques that will help you activate your pineal gland. (There is a note of caution when it comes to activating your pineal gland. If it remains stuck open, it can cause schizophrenia and waking hallucinations. Allow the activation and awakening of your Third Eye to occur naturally).

1. Meditation

As we still our minds in meditation and focus on our breathing whilst simultaneously paying attention to our Third Eye, we are allowing the pineal gland to bloom and blossom. Don’t try to force anything to happen whilst meditating. Just allow whatever will be will be and watch and let yourself focus on the area between your eyebrows.

Here is a simple meditation that you can do:

1. Sit in a comfortable position and gently close your eyes

2. Take in several slow deep breaths and notice how the breath feels coming in and going out

3. Allow your breathing to fall into a natural rhythm.

4. Focus your attention on your third eye area between your


Don’t approach this meditation with any expectations but simply as a gentle, awakening exercise.

2. Decalcify

A major cause of your pineal gland becoming blocked is through it becoming covered in a calcium layer. The main culprit in calcifying this gland is fluoride so make sure that you have water filters in your house and on the showerhead in your bathroom. Also, avoid any exposure to heavy metals which can also lead to your pineal gland becoming calcified.

3. Qigong

Qigong is the ancient Chinese exercise and healing practice that uses meditation, controlled breathing and movement. It means “vital energy cultivation” and teaches you how to become more aware of the flow of energy within your body. As you learn how to transport this energy through your body, you will eventually reach a point where you can move the energy simply through your intent. This moving of energy can help open up blocked energy pathways throughout your body and its endocrine system (of which your pineal gland is a part).

4. DMT

In 2013, psychiatrist Richard Strassman discovered dimethyltryptamine (DMT) in the pineal gland of rats which supported his original theory that the pineal gland produces DMT. DMT is naturally occurring within our bodies which can produce profound visions and altered states of consciousness. By unblocking our pineal gland means that we have greater access to DMT.

5. Essential Oils

If you want to stimulate your pineal gland through aromatherapy your best oils of choice are lavender, sandalwood, parsley and pine. There are many options on how to use essential oils. You can add a few drops into a hot bath and inhale the sweet smells as you relax your body in the warm water. You can add it to body oil and give yourself an aroma rub or place the oil into a diffuser and allow it to permeate throughout your room.

6. Sungazing

Staring at the sun is usually the last thing anyone would recommend you do but the practice of sungazing has been around for at least 2,000 years. Sungazing simply requires you to look at the sun during the first few minutes of sunset or the last several minutes at sunset.

This practice activates the photoreceptor cells in your pineal gland.

7. Chanting

Everything responds to vibrations so it should come as no surprise that your pineal gland also will benefit from the positive vibrations caused through chanting. A great chant for your pineal gland is repeating “OM” several times which releases your inner emotions and returns you to your essential being.

8. Use crystals

Because of their natural frequencies, crystals can help bring healing and balance into your body and its energies. Any crystal that is purple, violet or indigo such as amethyst, purple fluorite or lapis lazuli is ideal for aiding in the awakening and activation of your third eye. You can slip a crystal under your pillow as you go to sleep or place it on your brow during your mediation.

9. Sleep well

By reducing the amount of light you are exposed to whilst sleeping will mean that you will have a good night’s rest. Help your pineal gland function at its best by making sure that you have a regular sleep time. Try and have your bedroom as dark as possible and, if possible, eliminate any amount of light no matter how small.

Keeping your pineal gland activated

Once you start on the process of activating your pineal gland keep this important part of your brain activated by regular practising the techniques suggested above. By constant awareness and maintenance of your third eye chakra means that you will start to find your life become richer through a greater connection with the world around you, gaining better insight and intuition.

You may start to experience a richer spirituality and have profound dreams as your pineal gland is the gateway to the higher spiritual dimensions.

Who thought such a small portion of your grey matter can have such a dramatic effect in your life? The Egyptians, Hindus, Buddhists and philosophers did and do you!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!

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