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How To Connect With Your Spirit Animal

We all have spirit animals that enter and leave our lives numerous times. They act as your guides, teachers and allies teaching you about yourself: what you need to change in your life and the strengths of your personality.

You have taken it upon yourself to discover your personal spirit animals (yet your spirit animals choose you not the other way around) through paying close attention when you are out in nature, as well as making note of any animal that intuitively appears to you in your meditation or in your dreams.

Now, you have a strong sense and recognition of which animal is your spirit animal yet how do you connect to your spirit animal?

Time to make contact

There are many ways you can reach out to your spirit animal and get its guidance and profound wisdom. Here are some ways to make that connection.

Have faith

In order to connect with your spirit animal, you need to have faith that there are spirit animals! Reflect back on your past and try to identify the times when you and your spirit animal have crossed paths previously.

Can you recognise situations that had your spirit animal intervene to keep you out of danger or harm? Are there cases that you remember where you learned a profound lesson and realised that it was your spirit animal sharing its wisdom?


As you meditate you are allowing yourself to raise your consciousness to a state that enables you to connect with the realm of spirit. While meditating become intuitively aware of your spirit animal connecting with you. Maybe you have an image appear in your mind’s eye, or can sense the power and force of the animal around you or within you.

In the silence of your mediation, listen inwardly and allow your spirit animal to come and speak with you. It will if you allow it!

Invoke your spirit animal

In your morning meditation take some time to ask your spirit animal to come to you. During the day become sensitive to the energy of your animal and any signs that indicate that it’s with you. It could be that you experience synchronicity and find images and symbols of your spirit animal cropping up throughout the day.

Pay attention as these are indications that your spirit animal is reaching out to you. Write down in a journal your encounters and what they mean to and for you.

In dreams

Roy Orbison, in one of his most iconic songs, sang “In dreams I walk with you, in dreams I talk with you”. If you desire to make a connection with your spirit animal, then as you lay down to sleep ask it to come and visit you in your dreams. There you both can walk and talk together.

Set your intention by saying something like “Spirit animal who is my guide and provides for my highest blessings and success, I ask you to come to me through my dreams. Share with me the wisdom and the guidance that I need. Thank you for your security and direction. Let me remember all that you have shared with me when I wake up.”

Next to your bed keep and notepad and pen so that you can write down everything you remember when you get up for the day.

Go outside

There is nothing more spiritually uplifting than taking the opportunity to go outside and spend time in nature. You can visit a forest, park, gardens, lake, river, sea. Go wherever you feel intuitively led to go and then sit.

Connect to the natural environment around you and allow it to recharge your spirit and energies and ask your spirit animal to come to you. Notice the animals that appear around you. Is there a particular creature that stands out for you? How is it behaving? What can you learn from the way this animal is interacting with you or with the surroundings? Just observe, learn and then thank your spirit guide for connecting with you.

Different guides

Every member of your spirit team is standing, ready to give you the advice and guidance that you need to fulfil your life’s mission and purpose. Yet these members are diverse in who they are and their nature.

You have Ascended Masters (such as Buddha and Christ) who were incarnated on Earth and learned the lessons that they need to master and have become spiritually enlightened. Your spirit guides are those spirits who are your guide and protector. Angels are divine messengers who are looking out for your well-being and success. Spirit animals are spirits that come to you in the form of an animal and provide you with protection and guidance as well as reflecting the specific characteristics that you long to embody in your life and personality.

It’s an amazing team that you have looking out for you. Connect with them all every day and thank them each day for their wisdom, guidance, protection and love. They want to see you succeed and have an awesome life full of positivity and love.

Embrace the light and love and enjoy connecting with your spirit animals. Remember, your spirit animals will come and go out of your life. It’s just the way that it is.

Enjoy the time that you have together. Be thankful for the connection and don’t get sad when your spirit animal leaves.

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