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How to Connect with your Spirit Guides

Before we came to earth, we set up a plan and mission that we wanted to achieve during our human life. However, we have no recollection of that mission or if we are on track for achieving the pre-set plan for our earthly journey. That’s where spirit guides come in.

Spirit guides let you know if you are on the mark for meeting your mission or if you need to stop and readjust a few things. But who, exactly are the spirit guides and how can we contact them?

Who are spirit guides?

In the spirit realm there are a number of beings who are willing and ready to help and give you advice when asked:

● Ascended Masters

● Ancestral Guides

● Angels

● Elemental Spirits

● Animal Spirits

● Spirit Guides

It is the last ones in the above short list (there is a wide range of spiritual beings!) that we want to look at.

Spirit guides are usually spirits who have experienced human life so they are familiar with the ups and downs and challenges that mark our earthly journey. They have gained amazing wisdom and knowledge and are prepared to share that information with you ever cares to ask. When we feel like we are at a loss as to the next step to take in our life we can call on spirit guides to give us advice as to what to do.

Some guides will be connected with you throughout your human life. Other guides will come and go and you may only meet them once and then never hear from them again. Such is the nature of communicating with your guides.

What do spirit guides look like?

When you hear the term ”spirit guide” what image pops into your head? What form do you immediately think of? Does the guide have a human shape or is the shape more abstract?

Those who are in contact with their spirit guides will tell you that the guides can take on a variety of forms. Some spirit guides may appear in a bodily shape. Others may come through as an animal, a colour, a shape, a speck or dot of light or they may be felt as a sensation or feeling. There is no placing a spirit guide in a box of the “ideal form” so remove any ideas of what you think a spirit guide should look like and accept that when you do contact your spirit guide it will appear in the form it has chosen and you just accept that.

So, how do you connect with your spirit guide?

Connecting with your spirit guides

Spirit guides are on your side. They are part of your spirit team but they won’t force their way into your life. Being higher frequency beings of light and love they respect your choice to live your life the way you choose and if you don’t ask for their guidance they will just stand back and not offer you their advice.

But if you desire to have the spirit guides give you their input then here is how you can connect with them.


When we spend time in meditation we are blocking out the external 3D world and entering into the internal world of our soul. We can connect with our inner being which has access to the higher frequency realm of spirit.

Having access to the world of spirit means we can contact the higher vibrational beings that inhabit the divine realms. So, meditation gives us the way to reach out to our spirit guides to give you guidance.

During your meditation, ask your guide their name. Whatever name comes through first is the right one and don’t be surprised if it’s something that, in your opinion, is less than spiritual. Your guide may say their name is “Susan” or “Paul”. Once you have their name you can use that to address when you wish to connect with them in the future.

Talk to your spirit guides

Your spirit guides are waiting for you to talk with them but we get so busy focused on the outside world and its constant demands for our attention that we don’t stop and communicate with our guides.

If you just stop, close your eyes and ask the spirit guides for their advice you will be surprised at how quickly they respond! They are always there for you if you care to take the time and speak with them.

Ask for a sign

Feeling unsure as to whether your spirit guides are actually listening to you? You can ask them to send you a sign that clearly indicates that they have heard you loud and clear. It could be through angel numbers or synchronicity.

The sign you request is all up to you and your imagination. Just make sure that it’s something that will show you that the guides have connected with you.

Intuitive Writing

Another way to establish contact with your spirit guides is through intuitive or automatic writing. When you meditate, ask the guides to connect with you and provide you with advice on whatever situation you are seeking their wisdom on. Once you can sense their presence grab a pen and start writing.

Allow the words and information to flow through you and onto the page. Keep writing until you feel that your guides have finished the connection. Read what you wrote. Don’t be startled if the handwriting, words and content is something different than what you write. It’s your guides writing through you.


When you head off to bed ask your guides to communicate with you while you sleep. When you sleep your conscious mind shuts off and your subconscious mind steps in. Your subconscious mind is the communication centre with the higher realm of spirit.

Make a note of any lucid dream you had or anything that may be recurring in your dreams. Also, be aware that your spirit guides may appear to you in a dream. They could come through in human form or as an animal or some other form.

Human Messengers

Spirit guides may choose to send you a message through a person. It could be a friend, acquaintance, work colleague or complete stranger who offers you the advice that you have been seeking.

Just because your guides are in spirit doesn’t mean that they can’t give you the counsel you need via a human agent!


How often have you had that “gut feeling” and ignored it? When you ask your spirit guides for direction stop and listen to what your intuition is telling you. Your intuition is the highest form of communication in the spirit realm. It is spirit talking with spirit.

The more you get in tune with your intuition the clearer you will recognise the prompting if your guides. They may warn you, console you or tell you to keep doing what you’re doing. Follow your instinct!

Staying on the path

When you learn how to connect with your spirit guides and recognise their guidance you can allow them to give you direction for your life. After all, you and your spirit guides (as well as the other members of your “spirit team”) set the assignment and lessons to be learned during your human life.

Your spirit guides will let you know if you are following the right path to achieve your life’s plan or if you need to make adjustments. They will also tell you how to make those adjustments if you don’t know how to. Remember, your guides are there to help you succeed in your life’s purpose. However, they will not force their opinions on you. They are spirit guides not spirit dictators!

Treat your guides as though they are your best friends. Talk to them constantly. Share with them all your concerns and tell them about the amazing things that have happened in your life. Thank them for their advice and counsel and you will be amazed at how your life has suddenly become more magical!

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