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How To Heal Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious is the repository in your mind where every experience, thought and feeling you have is stored, unfiltered,  and treated as real. From this storehouse, you recollect memories and their associated feelings and emotions to make a judgement on the situation your facing. Is your interpretation of the current experience positive or negative?

If you find that your life and your view of the world around you is usually negative it could be time that you look at what is happening in your thinking on a subconscious level (that is on a level that is below your awareness and seems to be an automatic response). Negativity causes blockages in the energy flow of your body which affects your chakras (the energy centres of your body) which ultimately influences your physical, emotional and psychic wellbeing.

But, if you the way you react is a subconscious automated response then how can you change that? It all comes down to awareness and reprogramming.

Stop the thought in its tracks

You might find it ironic that the way to overcome a negative subconscious reaction which by its nature hides below your consciousness (that is, your awareness) is to become aware of the way you are acting. Yet it is possible through a focused conscious effort. 

Here’s how you can become consciously aware of your automatic responses:

When you find yourself suddenly having a negative response to a situation, experience, thought or memory ask yourself “Why am I reacting like this? What, in my past, made me feel this way when I had a similar situation?” 

By stopping and analysing your feelings and emotions when they are a negative response to something you are taking the first step toward becoming aware. The purpose of this is to find the original cause, the first time you had that negative experience that has etched its tracks into your subconscious. It could be that you had an overbearing parent that instilled fear into you and now you react with fear to those you perceive to be in positions of authority in your life.

The more you practice awareness the easier it becomes. Here’s a word of caution: Don’t try and deal with a bunch of negative responses at once. Deal with them one by one. Remember, this isn’t a race, it’s a transformation. So, how do you start the transformation?

Replacing your thoughts

Now that you can identify when you are having a negative reaction to a situation (situations and experiences are neither positive or negative, they are neutral and it’s our subconscious that applies its interpretation of how you respond) you can start on replacing your negativity with a healthier alternative. 

Here are ways that can help you uproot the negativity in your subconscious and replace it with more positivity and therefore removing the energy blocks from your body.

1. Meditation

When you meditate it allows you to stop and take time out from everything. Meditation causes you to purposefully be still and become aware of what is happening within you. You become “inward-focused” and that means you are more conscious of your thoughts when they arise and deal with them in a non-judgemental manner. 

Meditation also helps you calm the stress response system that is automatically initiated whenever you face or think about a threatening situation. 

2. Affirmations

Your negativity is a result of the things you have been told and therefore what you believe to true about yourself and the world around you. Remember, your subconscious treats everything as real, everything as fact whether it’s a positive or a negative comment. 

To overcome your negativity requires you to replace it with something positive. That’s where positive affirmations come in. When you find yourself having an unwanted thought overcome it with a positive comment about yourself or the situation. 

3. Visualisation

The act of visualisation takes positive affirmation to the next level. It requires you not only to merely positively affirm what you want, but visualisation also has you picture and feel what you would like to do or be. Think of it as a virtual reality experience where you close your eyes, imagine the situation that you want to change and go through that situation in your mind as you picture yourself reacting and feeling different. 

With visualisation, it’s important that you picture, hear and feel everything clearly. The more you repeat the exercise the more you are replacing the negativity that has resided in your subconscious.

4. Chakra Work

Your chakras are the energy centres of your body and they have their own “consciousness” that can affect your wellbeing. If they aren’t functioning to their full capacity it can affect you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. By constantly working on your chakras and ensuring that they are operating without any blockages will allow you to experience life with joy and positivity. 

5. Spend time in nature

There’s something healing about taking time out and just walking along the beach, taking a stroll through a forest or just sitting beside a river. Nature seems to help us reset and relax. When we relax we can open ourselves up to deeper introspection and deal with any negativity

6. Connect with your angels and spirit guides

Your spirit guides and angels are there to guide you and show you your full potential as a human being. They understand what you have been through, but your past can be seen as lessons learned, stepping stones to help you reach the final goal of your life’s purpose. 

As you connect with your angels and spirit guides, they will share with your their wisdom and insight and help you overcome the negativity and blockages. 

It takes time and effort

Don’t think that overcoming a lifetime of subconsciously stored negativity will happen overnight. It takes time and effort. Yet through awareness and the techniques you have found in this article, you will find that you are healing your subconscious and living a life that is more positive and more connected to the world around you and to the universe.

Let your healing begin...

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