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How To Overcome Laziness

Laziness can lead to a lot of negative issues. That project you put off until the last minute that caused you to pull an all-nighter to get it done. Things in your life that you would love to do, yet don’t do and you try to forget about them so that you don’t feel ridden with self-guilt and self-condemnation.

But how amazing things would be, how different and fulfilling would your life be if you could beat the laziness. With anything in life, the first step to beating a problem is to identify its cause and with laziness, there are a lot of factors that could be the reason you don’t feel that motivated to do what you know you should.

Causes of laziness

Laziness can be caused by a variety of physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual factors. If you can pinpoint which is the main culprit for your laziness then you can take steps in overcoming the issue.

Here is a list of possible sources of your slothfulness

1 It’s part of our evolutionary ancestry

Go back to our evolutionary forebears and you will find that they conserved their energy as a means of short term gain. Looking for food and watching out for threats. Any thoughts of longer-term goals and plans were somewhat absent in their thoughts as it was deemed to be a waste of energy which could be better spent on the more immediate rewards.

Fast forward to the present day and you will find that we are more interested in the immediate reward. We can’t be bothered putting the time and effort into something that could take several months or years to manifest. That energy is better utilised on instant gratification and so we find that our vitality is spent on short term benefits leaving little slothful. the Solar Plexus chakra which is associated with self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation.

2. Fear

Fear is a powerful emotion and can contribute to laziness. Fear of failure can lead you to not trying to achieve that goal you have for your life. You want to save face and not be embarrassed in front of your peers. So you opt for the easier option of not making an effort. You make excuses so that you can apply those as a balm to ear your guilty conscience.

Also, maybe you have low self-esteem and doubt your ability to achieve the success you dream of. When you think about that future you desire, it fills you with anxiety as you doubt your ability and so you put it on hold because you feel that you aren’t capable enough to reach that dream.

3. Depression

People who suffer from depression can be open to fatigue and feelings of listlessness that causes them to be less productive. Those who suffer from major depressive episodes will report that they have little energy, so it can appear that they are lazy when, in fact, the depression is affecting their level of motivation.

4. Thyroid issues

A problem with your thyroid can affect the amount of energy your body produces and a lack of energy means you haven’t got much get up and go to do anything as you feel exhausted. Your lack of vitality may have some mislabelling you as lazy when you are anything but!

5. Overwhelmed by the enormity of a task

There may be a major project that you want to undertake, yet you feel that it’s either too big or too difficult for you to tackle so you put off any attempt at getting started. Or you have a concern that if you did start the task, you might lose motivation halfway through achieving it and the prospect of being ridiculed and embarrassed through having an incomplete job staring at you is too much to bear. So you take the safe and easy way out, which is not to do anything.

6. No purpose in your life

We all fall into a rut in our lives because it’s comfortable and easy. We think that our lives are great and so we don’t make any effort to change it. We just mark off time and allow fate to deal up to us whatever it wants to serve. Some people just have no direction or ambition for their life and when you lack direction, you lack motivation.

7. An imbalance in your Solar Plexus chakra

Each of us has 7 energy centres, chakras, that influence us and our well being. When any of these centres aren't functioning properly it can lead to a range of emotional and physical issues. Each of these chakras affects a certain aspect of your health and vitality, So it should come as no surprise that laziness can manifest as a symptom of an imbalance in these points of energy. The specific chakra that contributes to feelings of lethargy and idleness is the Solar Plexus chakra which is associated with self-esteem, self-confidence and motivation. If this chakra is operating at less than its optimal level, then you can end up feeling slothful.

How to beat laziness

Now you know what causes laziness to pop up in your life, how do you go about getting back the motivation in your life? Here are some ways to push back the slothfulness.

1. Break your task down into "bite-sized" pieces

When a job or project appears too big that you feel like there's no hope of you even succeeding in getting it done, take a step back and look at the situation from a smaller perspective. Break the job down into mini-milestones and give yourself a reward each time you reach the milestone. A wee celebration of success as you achieve the individual goals will keep your motivation levels pumping.

2. Talk to your doctor

If you feel your lack of energy is due to a physical ailment such as hyperthyroidism or some other illness, talk to your doctor about it. They can offer you the advice and help that you need so that you can get some vitality back into your life and become more active.

3. Discover your life's purpose

There's nothing more dismal than a life that drifts around aimlessly because of no clear direction. We all have something to contribute to this world through our lives. We all have a mission for why we are here and when one discovers their purpose in life, watch how motivated and excited that person becomes! Here is how you can uncover the mission for your life:

● Ask yourself what it is that excites you the most in your life

● What do you love doing? What is it that your friends say you're always talking about?

● Find out your life’s purpose through connection with your angels, spirit guides and the divine.

4. Do things that bring you joy

As we have seen, depression can cause lethargy and demotivation. To push back the blues and get your mojo back, find things that bring you joy and focus on those. It can be something small such as taking a walk in a park, talking with a close friend, or joining a group/club that interests you. The point is to get outside and mingle with others in an activity that brings you pleasure and happiness.

5. Rebalance your energy

Our bodies are systems of energy and when that system is disturbed it can affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. We can become idle and stagnant. Bringing balance back to your system can be achieved by:

● Chakra meditation Spending time focusing on your energy centres will bring them back into alignment and harmony. Focus more on the Solar Plexus chakra as it has a profound effect on laziness.

● Crystal work To restore energy that has been sapped out of you, grab a crystal and allow its natural properties to reinfuse your energy field so that you are topped up and good to go.

● Reiki healing A Reiki session can aid in detecting any blockages within your energy centres and remove them so that everything is flowing in amazing harmony.

6. Surround yourself with positive people

A sure-fire way of upping your motivation is by associating with people who are positive and active. People who are enjoying life and always looking for the next challenge. When you hang out with these people, their positivity and zest for life will run off on you!

Goodbye laziness

Laziness will keep you from achieving that which you want to do. You can end up feeling

guilty and frustrated as you don’t have the energy or motivation to achieve the goals and tasks you want to accomplish. The lethargy can be caused by an underlying health issue or something psychological. Spiritually, slothfulness may be caused by your energy centres being out of harmony.

Once you find the cause of your lack of motivation you can take steps to become more productive. Portioning up a bigger task, seeking advice with any health issues and seeking ways to alleviate blocks in your energy centres all help to bring the vim and vigour back into your life.

So, all that is left now is for you to go and make life happen!

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