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How To Remove Negativity From Your Home And Body

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Your home is your castle, yet what do you do when you get home to your castle and feel vibes that make you unable to relax. Arguments in the home or a bad day at work can all cause the atmosphere in your house to turn negative and that bad energy can be absorbed by the objects and walls.

What about yourself? Your body? You wake up in the morning feeling great, then you realise that person that is always tormenting you at work is going to be there. Or, you are running late for an appointment and everything is causing you to be even later. The stress is mounting up. The not so fun events of daily life mount up and you find that your joy and happiness is wilting.

But that doesn't mean you have to tolerate the negativity. So, how does one go about removing the negative energy from your house and body so that your peace is restored?

Banishing negativity from your house

When it comes to clearing your house of negative energy, there is a range of options for you. Sage sticks, salt, and crystals are the more popular choices used by people in cleansing their rooms and home of bad energy. Whatever option you choose is a matter of personal choice. Let’s show you how you can take these tools and use them to clear out the negativity and have a home that you can relax in.

Clearing your house with sage sticks

Sage sticks have been used for thousands of years to rid people and living environments of negative energy. When you burn sage sticks, they release negative ions which cause people to become positive. So, if it puts you in a great mood, it also means that smudging your house with sage will lift the negativity.

To use sage sticks, burn them and allow the embers to smoulder. Go from room to room fanning the smoke of the sage and let it fill every area of the room. Corners, ceiling, closets, everywhere! When smudging start at the entryway of the house and move from each room in a clockwise direction. Visualise your intentions while you allow the smoke to drift around the room.

When it comes to buying sage sticks, go for quality sticks such as “White Sage Smudge Sticks” as it can influence the effectiveness of the stick when clearing your house. You can see how to smudge your home here:

Removing negative energy with salt

Salt is a renown purifier and can be used to remove negative energy from your home.

You can place salt in each corner of your room and leave it there for 48 hours. Then vacuum up the salt.

Another option for you with salt are salt lamps. Himalayan Salt Lamps are great at absorbing negativity out of the air and replacing it with positivity. Not only that, they are natural air purifiers, cleaning the air of polluted ions. Also, there are amazing health benefits available through these salt lamps. Watch this:

Using crystals to restore positivity into your home

Crystals have amazing inherent abilities to heal, cleanse and restore and each one has unique properties that can be utilised depending on the user’s intention. When your intention is to take the heavy, negative energy from your home then reach for black tourmaline as it acts as sponge for bad energy.

Spread black tourmaline around your house and let it suck up all the negativity in the atmosphere. You can learn how to use black tourmaline here:

Feng Shui

When you put furniture and objects in your house, how much thought do you give about how the position affects the energy flow? You can see if slightly moving a piece of furniture lightens the atmosphere. Does turning your coffee table into a north-south direction make the room feel lighter?

The ancient concept of Feng Shui is all about creating a home where positive energy and prosperity flow unhindered through your home. Here is how you can get started in creating a blissful atmosphere in your home:

Now that your home is free of negative energy, what about yourself? Time to give your body energy cleanse!

Cleaning your body of negative vibes

When you are out and about in your daily life you are exposed to people. Some people beacons of light and positivity that make you feel great, others are energy vampires sucking all the positive vibes from you. So, how do you go about restoring the positive energy and remove that negativity that has clung to you?

Take a salt bath

We’ve already touched on how salt is great at purifying negativity from your home. It’s also great at eliminating the bad energy from your body and restoring you. Here is how you can take a nice cleansing salt bath that will bring healing back to your energy levels.

⦁ Fill up your bath with warm water.

⦁ Place three generous handfuls of unrefined sea salt (or Himalayan crystal salt) into the water and allow it to dissolve.

⦁ Sit in the bath and allow the water to soak through while you visualise the negativity being washed away from you. You can call upon your spirit guides and angels to help you restore your higher energy.

⦁ Allow yourself to dry naturally by placing a towel around your hair and a slip into a robe.

You can take a salt bath once a week and think of it as your own spiritual pampering time.

Chakra cleansing

The chakras are the energy points in your body and as such can be affected by negative energies. When the chakras aren’t operating at their optimum can lead you to feel lower frequency emotions such as fear, worry, frustration, sadness and anger. Also, the chakras can influence your physical health, so you want to pay attention to these energy centres and restore them when they are out of sync.

Chakra meditation is the best way to focus on your chakras and see which one is in need of attention. When you have your chakras functioning at their highest means that you and your body are radiating love, light and positivity. Here is a great chakra cleansing video that will leave you feeling restored:

White light protection

It’s a fact that you will be exposed to negative energies whenever you go outside or go to work. Some people just seem to never be happy and delight in misery. When you are around these people you can feel the positive energy being sapped from you. There is a way that you can protect yourself and your energy from these psychic vampires.

The universe white light of the universe is full of love, happiness, peace and every other positive emotion! It operates at the highest frequency and you can tap into the light of the universe to keep yourself covered when you have to go into environments or deal with people that are negative. Covering yourself in the protective white light of the universe doesn’t take long. 5 minutes visualising can cloak you in a layer of protection. Here is how:

⦁ Close your eyes and take several deep, cleansing breathes.

⦁ Focus your attention on your body then picture white light descending from the universe and entering through your crown chakra.

⦁ Visualise the white light slowly pouring over your body from your head to your shoulders, arms, chest, back, stomach, hips legs, feet and toes. Feel the energy of the light pulsating through and around you. See it as a bubble that extends several feet around you with you in the middle.

⦁ Thank the universe for covering you in the white light of protection.

You can also do this exercise when you have just left interacting with a negative situation. Take several minutes to stop and reset yourself.

Bring restoration through crystals

Crystals are amazing at bringing healing into your body and spirit. One of the best crystals to eliminate negative energy from your body is selenite. It has an inherent ability to absorb lower frequency energy while radiating light, brightness and positivity. Also, it never loses its power so there is no need for you having to recharge selenite.

You can see how to use selenite to raise your vibrations in this amazing video:

Everything is so peaceful now

You don’t have to live with negativity. It’s an energy that doesn’t serve you and it can be banished from your home and body. When you bring in lower frequency energies into your house, they hang in the atmosphere like stagnant, polluted air. It doesn’t mean that you have to live with it. Now, you are armed with techniques that cleanse your body and home from negative energy.

Stop and feel the vibrations now. Everything is so peaceful and positive.

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