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Are You A Lightworker? Why Earth Needs You

This planet is looking for people to share some love and positivity into the melancholy, trauma and tragedy that seems to plague Earth. This is where the lightworkers step in, raise their hands and say “Here we are!”

Who are these lightworkers and where did they come from. What purpose do they serve on Earth and are you a lightworker?

Spreading love and light

Lightworkers are beings from another star system or dimension who have chosen to incarnate on Earth. That makes them similar to starseeds. In fact, these are all fundamentally the same yet there is a difference, which we will look at later, that distinguishes a lightworker from a starseed.

Lightworkers have arrived on this planet with the purpose of helping others grow in love and light. To assist people, and the planet, to rise in their vibrations. This is their mission. When we operate in fear, selfishness, hate and anger we are operating in a lower frequency. This affects not only us,but those whom we interact with.

When lightworkers come into our lives, they show us how we can live in the higher vibrations of love, compassion, and selflessness (remember, lightworkers themselves have chosen to come and incarnate on our planet to show us how we can experience the higher life. This is an ultimate act of selflessness on behalf of the lightworkers!)

Characteristics of a Lightworker

Lightworkers exude love, light and positivity. But, so do others. What distinguishes a lightwork from the rest of the population that inhabit Earth?


Are highly spiritual: Lightworkers are in touch with the divine and higher spiritual beings without belonging to any particular religion.

Are psychic: They can be very sensitive to the energies that surround them because they are in tune with the higher vibrations of the universe.

Have had a spiritual awakening: At some point in their life, the lightworker has had the epiphany of who they are, where they come from and what they are here for.

Are loners: Lightworkers feel that they are alienated from most people and society in general because the world operates at the lower frequencies of hate, greed and fear.

Love to spread love and light: The very name “lightworker” should give you an indication of what makes these beings happy. They are here to impart love, healing, positivity and light to all those whom they come in contact with.

Feel a deep connection with nature and animals: Lightworkers have a deep affinity towards animals and nature. They love to spend time at the beach, sitting by a river or taking a slow walk through the forest.

If any of these traits resonated with your soul, then you could be a lightworker on the verge of awakening to your true identity and purpose.

Lightworkers vs Starseeds

Some of you may have noticed that there is a similarity between starseeds and lightworkers. Both lightworkers and starseeds have left their home environment to incarnate on this planet with the mission of showing us how to live in the higher realm of love, peace and light.

Yet, there is a subtle difference between lightworkers and starseeds. Lightworkers are starseeds who are operating at a higher vibration than other starseeds. That means that a starseed can become a lightworker by raising their vibration.

Increase your vibration

When we start a spiritual awakening we begin to truly comprehend who we are and what we are on this planet for. For some people this awakening can be slow and for others it could be quickened as the result of some tragedy that has hit them at a fundamental level such as a near-death experience.

In the process of spiritual awakening we start to look at how we can increase our vibration so that we are no longer trapped in a world and life marked by our ego, negativity, fear and hate. As we raise our frequency, we connect with the universe, angels, spirit guides and the spiritual beings that inhabit the higher dimensions. You may feel that the life you are living is not the one that is meant for you and make a dramatic change in your lifestyle or career. Some may come to understand that they are starseeds who are on the path of becoming a lightworker.

Here are ways that you can raise your vibration so that you can become the being you are meant to be and fulfill the mission that you are on Earth to carry out:

Kill your ego: By listening to our intellect and thoughts less and to our hearts and intuition more we will find that we are stepping out of the lower frequencies into the higher realms where we are able to become tuned into the universe.

Meditate: Taking time to block out the external world will let you become more in touch with your internal world that opens the way to connect with the higher realms and dimensions.

Connect with your angels and spirit guides: We are not alone on our journey on earth. Angels and spirit guides are waiting for you to reach out to them and seek their wisdom and guidance. As we allow them to show us the way we should go, we find that we are living a life that is built upon the higher vibrations of love, peace and light.

Associate with like-minded people: As you start your spiritual awakening journey it can feel daunting and, at times, scary. Seek out others who are on the same journey. As we reach out and help and support each other in love and light, then the result can only be that we all grow spiritually and allow ourselves to shine. Minimise any connection to the lower frequencies of fear, anger, worry and hate.

Living a life in the higher frequencies doesn’t occur overnight. It is a process of growth and sometimes it could take some people several lifetimes. It’s a journey that extends beyond your physical existence.

As you increase your vibrations, you will find that you are living a life strong in love, positivity and hope, You will have a desire to reach out and teach and help others.

When you allow yourself to be led by light with an understanding that your purpose in life is to share the light into a world that is darkened by the lower frequencies, then you just may come to realise who you truly are…

A lightworker.

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