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Living the 3D, 4D and 5D life

We live in a physical world and you probably are familiar with the scientific concept of 3D and how our world consists of width, height and depth. Then science adds in the variable of time and now we have a 4D model of the world that pretty much explains the physical dimensionality of our world and universe.

However, the 3D, 4D and 5D world that is being discussed in this post has nothing to do with the physical dimensions. This world and the universe contains higher spiritual dimensions that can be accessed. All it takes to gain access to these dimensions is for one to become spiritually awake and aware.

So, what do we mean when we talk about the 3D, 4D and 5D worlds and what is meant by “living the 5D life?” What is the difference between these worlds?

3D: Life in the physical

We all have a physical body that navigates this physical world through the 5 senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Our life is dictated to by what we experience externally and it is that outside world that influences the way we think, feel and operate in order to survive.

As we grow we start to learn rules dictated to us by our parents, society, authority figures and peers. We also learn how to fear and how to react in situations that may threaten us. Through this we develop our ego, which is our sense of self. We create an identity of who we are and we begin to appreciate what we need to do in order to make it in this life.

This world is based on materialism and fear. It’s the old adage of evolution: survival of the fittest. We spend our lives studying, working, competing thinking that our success defines who we are. When we fail we get depressed. We experience jealousy and hate when we see others succeed that we think don’t deserve it.

All our life is spent chasing external factors that we think defines who we are as an individual: I’m a brilliant businessman with millions in the bank. I’m an excellent mother and I’m glad my children aren’t like the brats living next door.

We compare ourselves to others and use that comparison as a barometer of if we are successful in life or not. Yet, without realising it, you are acting out of insecurity. There may be a nagging doubt if who you are is truly the person you are meant to be.

You may begin to start looking at your life and yourself and begin an introspection that starts to shine a light on the ask questions that were always there, but you chose to ignore:

● Is this career that one I truly want or am I doing it because it was expected of me?

● What am I on this planet for?

● Am I really happy with my life as it is?

● Who are my true friends?

● Is the person I think I am the real me or is there someone I meant be? Who is the

authentic me?

When you begin to ask yourself profound, soul-searching questions is when your eyes begin to open and you start to comprehend that there may be more to this life and this world than what you first thought.

You find that your intuition is switching on. Not that it was ever off but the fact that your allowed yourself to be led by your physical senses and your ego (which includes your intellect) meant that your intuition took a back seat as you listened to your brain more often that your heart.

Your consciousness is awakening. You find that there is a world in which you can connect to another way of living and experiencing life and you take a step into the next dimension.

4D: Welcome to the awakening

When you start to come to an understanding that you are more than just a physical body and that you are actually a spirit living a human experience, you open yourself up to the 4D world.

This is the world that many visit when they are either sleeping or when they travel astrally. It is the dimension where you find connection with angels, spirit guides and other higher dimensional beings.

As you experience the 4D world, you start to gain an understanding of who you truly are. That is, you begin to realise your authentic self, where you come from and what your life’s calling and purpose really is.

You find that the fear and the ego that was so prominent in your life is being replaced more by intuition and trust in the divine. You start to find synchronicity in your life (that is, the things you previously labeled as “coincidences” in your 3D existence) and appreciate the guidance and signs from your angels and spirit guides.

There is a profound understanding that we are not all separate individuals but we are connected intimately on a spiritual level, though each of us is on our own journey of discovery. As you touch the divine through your contact with the higher dimensions, you experience the love that is unconditional and that love is extended through you.

You judge less and start to comprehend that everything you have gone through in your life has had a meaning and purpose that has brought you to this point. There is a pulling in your heart to reach out and assist others in their spiritual awakening.

As you allow yourself to increase in your vibrations and become more at one with the universe you find the door opening up to the 5D world.

5D: At One With The Divine

The 5D world is the place where there is infinite possibilities. Whatever you want your life to be it can be because everything is possible. All you have to do is choose what option you want for your life.

It is in this dimension where you experience oneness with the universe. The universe is in you and you are in the universe. There is no separation. No division. Just perfect harmony and balance.

It doesn’t mean that you no longer live in a 3D world for you still have a physical experience: there is still a job to go to; a family to look after; material needs that have to be catered for. Yet, you have come to understand that as you align yourself to the universe and work in perfect harmony with its vibrations, then these things will be naturally taken care of.

There is no fear, anxiety or worry about your life or the future. You have trust in the universe because you have hooked into it and tuned your frequency to that of the divine. As you experience a 5D existence, you will find that your intuition has become so sharp that you know what is going to happen in your future. This is because in the 5D dimension, there is no concept of time. There is no past or future, only an infinite


When you live in the present moment in this 3D world you are living in the light of the divine and allowing it to come into this world. You are having a 5D existence in a 3D world.

People will look at you and your life and wonder how your life is so blessed and successful.

Raise your consciousness.

You can have the life that you dream. As you let go of the lower frequencies of fear, greed, hate and materialism that the 3D world is affected by you start to step into dimensions of higher vibrations and consciousness.

You enter into the 4D and 5D worlds which surround this planet that we consider home. Yet our home is really with these higher dimensions. As you become spiritually awakened and allow yourself to connect with the angels, spirit guides and ultimately the universe you will realise that there is a higher purpose for you and your life.

You will understand that who you were in the 3D existence isn’t the real you and then you can allow the authentic you to step onto the center stage and can share the love and light of the divine to those in need of hope.

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