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Prophetic Dreaming

As I lay down to sleep

Lately you have been wondering about your dreams. Do they actually mean anything, or are they just random noise? Some people argue that your dreams do contain meaning and we need to pay heed to what they are telling us.

So, you lay down for the night and slip into the world of dreams. You awaken in the morning and are astonished by a dream you had during the night. It felt different. Not like any other dream you have had. This felt real.

It was so vivid and you can still recollect it and the feelings you experienced during it are still fresh and overwhelm you each time you remember the dream. You are left wondering if someone or something was actually trying to give you a message during your time of slumber.

Yes, they were.

Visitors of the night

When you sleep you are more open to receiving messages from your angels and spirit guides. This is because your conscious mind is put into a kind of suspended animation while you are sleeping. That means that it can’t filter and block the information that is being accessed by your subconscious mind.

Therefore, while you are sleeping you are more open to communication from the spiritual realm. So, in your dreams, you can find that you are communing with your guardian angels and spirit guides. This is the nature of prophetic dreams and what sets them apart from standard dreams.

When you awaken you may understand that, during the night, you have received a visitation in your dreams and been provided with advice and solutions to things you have been wondering about.

You may find that during your dream you received guidance from someone that appears to be a teacher or friend. This is one way your guardian angel can appear in your dream. They could also be in the form of an animal (anything is possible with your subconscious mind!), or manifest themselves in their natural angelic form.

Spirit guides can come through as a kind stranger who seems to deeply understand your situation and offers you sage advice. You can feel the love and care emanating from these people. Also, just like guardian angels, your spirit guide may appear as a spirit animal.

Your guardian angel may speak to you through symbols. It is up to you to understand what the symbols mean. Though you can access dream symbol dictionaries online, you need to be aware that symbols usually speak to you on a deeply personal, unique level that you need to comprehend. For example, you may have a dream about the moon and wonder what the moon symbolises. Though it may mean one thing to one person, the symbol of the moon may have a completely different meaning to others. You need to decipher what the symbol means for you.

A good practice to start is to keep a dream journal next to you so that when you wake up you can record your dream and any messages/symbols you may have received during the night. If you are unsure about anything, you can ask your guardian angels and spirit guides to clarify anything you don’t understand.

Do these divine visitations happened randomly? It’s not like your guides and angels come every night. Chances are they will come when you are intensely needing answers or more open to receiving divine guidance.

However, you can take the initiative and request your guardian angels and spirit guides to come and visit you in your dreams by:

● Setting an intention of what it is you are wanting answers for. What is it that you want your guardian angels and spirit guides to give you advice about? Meditate on that as you drift off to sleep.

● As you go to bed, say a prayer inviting your angels and spirit guides to come and talk to you during the night.

You can also use crystals to enhance the possibility of contacting your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Crystal clear dreams

Crystals are known for their healing properties and also for their ability to open up the communication channels of the spirit realm. Even though any crystal can help you with your dreams, there are some that are recognised as being more suitable for dreams because of their innate properties.

If you want to experience more vivid dreams and open yourself up to a stronger connection with the spirit realm when you sleep, then use one of these crystals:

Dream Quartz: The name says it all! Dream Quartz allows you to have a deeper sleep and strengthens recollection of any dreams you had during the night. It is also known to establish conscious contact with your spirit animal as you sleep

Moldavite: This crystal will enhance lucid dreaming and, similar to Dream Quartz, enables better dream recollection. Moldavite also aids in focusing on areas of growth you are working toward, therefore increasing the chance of receiving the appropriate advice and guidance from your guardian angels and spirit guides.

Danubite: Danubite assists in connecting with your guides and angels as you sleep, Additionally, it aids in receiving intuitive messages in your dreams. Also, this crystal allows you to gain greater comprehension and understanding of your dreams.

Blue Kyanite: If you are seeking instant connection into inner truth and your highest voice, this crystal is the one to grab before you go to sleep. It will help you receive psychic and intuitive messages in your dreams as well as disclose truth about any issues you are seeking answers for.

Azurite: Do you have a dream that you need to understand the meaning of? Then Azurite is the crystal of choice. It will open up the interpretation of your dream. Furthermore, Azurite strengthens your intuition and enhances contact with your spirits and angels. Plus, like Blue Kyanite, this stone boosts access to your innate wisdom and your higher self, which means greater communication between you and the spiritual realm as you sleep.

So, if you want to enhance your chances of having vivid dreams, understanding what your dreams mean and strengthening the possibility of receiving advice and guidance from your angels and guides as you sleep, then slip a crystal under your pillow as you go to bed.

What a dream!

As you go to sleep, you feel an excitement surging through you as you set your intention on what it is you want answers for. You say your prayer to ask your angels and guides to come and impart their wisdom, advice and guidance to you during the night.

You slip your hand under your pillow to double-check that the crystal you have chosen is still there. It is and you feel reassured and full of expectancy as you place your head down to sleep.

Drifting away into the dream realm your conscious mind takes the back seat as your subconscious mind takes over. During the night you have the most vivid dream you have ever had. You awaken in the morning and, on a profound level, you know it was more than just a dream.

It was communication with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

You feel overwhelmed by intense love and reassurance because you have received the answer you were seeking.

You thank your angels and guides as you head into the day with confidence, joy, happiness and peace, Counting down the hours until you can get to go to bed again and have another divine experience like the one you had during the night…

Sweet dreams.

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