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Have I already met my soulmate?

When you hear the term “soul mate” what is the first idea that pops into your head? Is it the notion of that “one” who you have spent your life looking for? The concept of the romantic partner who will complete you and you can spend the rest of your life with?

The above is a traditional belief around “soul mates” and it is somewhat accurate. However, a “soul mate” can extend beyond the confines of a romantic relationship.

It’s like I’ve known you before.

Have you ever had an encounter with someone that you have met for the first time and it’s like you both clicked? You have the feeling that you have known that person before, yet you brush that off as ridiculous because you have never seen each other prior to this time. But deep down inside you, you can’t shake that sense of familiarity. You wonder what’s going on and clumsily ask “Have I met you before?”

The answer to that question could be “Yes”. Here is why:

We are all souls who have incarnated into this planet. When we are born, it’s like our consciousness has been wiped clean, yet there is another consciousness that retains the memories and information of our prior existence in earlier incarnations. In these previous lives, we have been in contact with other souls. We have created friendships, relationships and acquaintances with these souls in our incarnations and, within our soul-body, we retain the recognition of these people.

When we enter this world we fail to remember these previous contacts, but deep within us (that is the consciousness of our soul-body stirring) we know these individuals just as much as they may have a similar physical sensation of uncanny familiarity about you yet fail to put their finger on the when, where and how they know you.

It’s because you have had interactions with one another some time in a previous life.

Joining one another on the journey

Soul mates can range from romantic partners (the idea of two people falling in love at first sight and saying that each other is their “soul mate” is valid) through to friends (who may come and go out of your life) and people you may merely pass on the street who offer you a friendly smile that gives you the “pick-me-up” that you needed.

So, to place the idea of a “soul mate” into one category is limited.

We are all on an individual journey of self-discovery and to help each other grow in light and love. “Soul mates” are individuals who have incarnated to help others increase their vibrational frequency so as to connect more deeply with others in love and to find their true calling in life.

You can have many soul mates in your life right now, or only one or two. There is no limit on how many soul mates one can have, yet the traditional idea is that it’s just one who is truly your soul mate: your spouse. But this belief is wrong and limiting.

Sure your soul mate could be your spouse or romantic partner who has joined you on your life’s journey and you compliment each other and help one another grow as individuals. But what about that friend that you know you can ring at any time of the day or night and they will be there for you. How about the other day, when you were feeling down and some complete stranger offered up a warm smile and some words of encouragement that really spoke to you. These people are also your “soul mate”.

So, instead of using the singular “soul mate” we should use the plural term as there are many soul mates in your life who are teaching you how to live your life to the fullest.

One thing you need to understand is that “soul mates” can also be those who you see as your adversary. That person at work that all knows how to push your buttons. The person down the road who is always complaining about something you have done. People around you who constantly drain you of any positivity. These people can be “soul mates”!

It is because, if you stand back and have a look at how you address and deal with your adversaries, you will begin to see things that you can change about yourself.

You can’t change other people, but you can allow them to teach you about the way you react to them. This is personal growth for you! That is why the negative people in your life can also be seen as “soul mates” as they help you change and develop love, compassion and forgiveness (which increases your personal vibration.)

It’s nice to have known you

Some soul mates stick around for all your life. Others come in for a season (if you look back at that time you will see the impact that that friendship or relationship had.)

When you make that deep connection with a person where the sense of familiarity is stirring, don’t get all clingy. The universe knows what you need when you need it. Just appreciate the fact that you have met someone who has come into your life to be a blessing (remember, even your adversaries can be seen as soul mates). Allow them to teach you what you need to learn.

If the person stays in your life, that’s great, but if they leave then that’s also okay because they have contributed what they needed to to help you in your spiritual and personal growth.

It’s not that you will never come across that soul ever again. Who knows, in a future life you may shake hands with a stranger and think “Where have I met you before?”

But, the question shouldn’t be “Where have I met you before?” The question should be…

When have I met you before?

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