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You Might Be A Starseed: Starseed Types

Same mission, different types

Starseeds are souls who have volunteered to come to Earth from their own planets, galaxies or dimensions. They come to help earth raise its vibrations so that we can enter into a higher level of love and harmony.

Some starseeds have incarnated on earth many times and are used to the customs and religious systems of this planet. Other starseeds have come to this planet for the first time and struggle to adapt to the social norms of Earth.

Each day we interact with a wide range of personality types and it should come as no surprise that the inherent characteristics of different starseeds also vary.

The personalities of starseeds are influenced by the star or galaxy that they originated from. Let’s look at the different types of starseeds and how you can tell the difference between them.

So many star systems

When you look up into the night sky, you will see a myriad of stars. There is debate as to whether there is life on other planets, yet every day we have beings walking amongst us who will tell you that they came from one of those stars.

We may find that someone will claim they came from the star Sirius. Someone else will tell you they are from the Andromeda star system. Yet others will say they are from the Pleiades. Just as there are countless stars and galaxies in our universe, there is also a range of beings who find their origin in these stars and galaxies.

But what distinguishes these beings from one another? How do we tell if someone is from Sirius or Andromeda? It all comes down to the characteristics of the person you are interacting with.

Here is a list of some of the more common star system personality types:

Andromeda Starseeds.

Those who come from the Andromeda star system can be distinguished by their love for freedom. Andromedans don’t like to be confined and seek freedom. This freedom is usually found within themselves rather than in something external.

Andromeda starseeds have difficulty with self-confidence and need to develop this. They usually end up being healers or teachers.

Arcturian Starseeds

Arcturian starseeds can be marked out by their strong personalities. They also possess profound inner knowledge and find the strength within themselves. All starseeds have a common trait of understanding they have a higher calling and purpose on this earth, yet Arcturian starseeds seem to fail to understand what their calling is.

These beings are highly intelligent and have an innate ability to think critically and are great analysers. Arcturians find it hard to open up easily and look for their equals. Therefore they can be perceived to be closed off and somewhat arrogant.

Pleiadian Starseeds

Have you ever come across someone who is kind and loving? You probably met a Pleiadian. They exude pleasant and gentle energy. Pleiadian starseeds find it hard to express negative feelings and emotions and may become passive-aggressive.

Pleiadians have strong male energy and female Pleiadians can appear to be masculine.

Just as Arcutrians are extremely intelligent, so too are those from the Pleiades. Pleiadians know their mind and do their own thing. They don’t follow the crowd.

Sirian Starseeds

Those who originate from Sirius can be distinguished by their focus and determination. If you want something done, then give the job to a starseed from Sirius!

Sirian starseeds are very warrior-like. They show an affinity with nature and love to interact with it. Sirian starseeds take a simple approach to life and have an open mind. They are calm and it is hard to agitate these people.

They struggle to tell you how they are feeling and can be upset if someone doesn’t live up to the expectations that the Sirian expects from them. Sirian starseeds can be fun people, but only with those that they are comfortable with.

The old and the new

As mentioned earlier, there are some starseeds who have incarnated on Earth for aeons, while others are experiencing their first incarnation on this planet. Starseeds can be divided into three categories:

● Old Starseeds

● Starseeds

● New Starseeds

Old starseeds can trace their earthly origin back to the time of Atlantis and offer Earth the same wisdom and love that is found on their own planets.

Starseeds came to this planet after Atlantean times. Though they have incarnated on Earth many times, the first incarnations are short so as to allow them to adapt to the systems of Earth and help the planet during its periods of spiritual awakening.

New starseeds are experiencing their first incarnation on Earth and include Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow children.

Indigo Children

Indigo Children are labelled as such due to the colour of their aura being indigo. They are of the group of starseeds who were born on Earth during the 1950s through to the 1970s.

These starseeds are usually strong-willed and stubborn. They have an inherent intuition and are highly psychic. Indigo Children are warriors who have a life mission to expose the unfairness in Earth’s social and political systems. Therefore they can be labelled as rebels and troublemakers.

They are seen by friends and family as being strange and unusual. Also, they can show a strong sense of self-entitlement.

Crystal Children

Incarnating from the 1980s to the year 2000, Crystal Children have a clear aura and are usually born to Indigo Children. They have a pure spirit and are very touchy-feely due to the high emotion they experience. These starseeds also have a calming presence.

Most often Crystal Children show a high artistic or musical talent and enjoy being alone. They don’t like loud noise and show discomfort when in noisy, crowded environments.

Their purpose on earth is to show us how to be more compassionate and tolerant. As Crystal Children become older they may find a career as carers, healers or teachers.

Rainbow Children

Being born after the year 2000, Rainbow Children are the newest wave of starseeds to incarnate on earth. They are born to parents who are Crystal Children.

Rainbow Children are loving and have a giving nature. They always come across as being positive and happy with a lot of energy. This can make them brave and able to handle the hardships life can serve them.

They have a love of animals and a connection to nature.

Due to their inherent loving nature, Rainbow Children love everybody and seem to not fear anyone. They are charming and this trait makes them loved by others. However, they also have a strong will and can be seen to be stubborn.

These starseeds possess the telepathic ability and come to Earth to build upon and extend the work of the Indigo and Crystal Children. Their life mission is to bring the distorted energies of Earth back into balance.

What type are you?

Each day we interact with different people each with different personalities. Some of these people could be starseeds who chose to come to earth to bring healing, love and light to humanity. Just as humans possess distinguishing traits and characteristics, starseeds also show forth personalities that originate from the star system they came from.

Perhaps you have come across a freedom-loving Andromedan or maybe the kind soul who finds their origin on Pleiades. Maybe, you sense you are a starseed yourself but aren’t sure which star system you came from.

The characteristics we looked at should help you gain an understanding of which star you can call home.

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