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The Amazing Benefits of Feng Shui

Look around your house and see how it makes you feel? Is there too much clutter? Furniture that looks out of place? Does the environment make you feel relaxed or busy? If you find that your house isn’t really a home and the energy is lacking, it might be time to do some Feng Shui!

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese philosophy that believes everything has energy and it’s possible to attract negative or positive energy through the position of your house, its design and the objects/furnishings within the house.

Flowing life force

The term Feng Shui originates from Chinese terms for wind (Feng) and water (Shui) where both were seen to be in harmony with one another. Wind carries the energy of the earth and water, when touched by the wind, holds the energy. Both elements are seen to flow and circulate through nature and therefore allow the qi (life force) to spread and permeate your home.

Your house is a flowing bed of qi, but what does that mean for you? It means that, by paying attention to the cardinal directions as well as objects in your house you can utilise the flow of qi and cause it to bring peace, harmony and prosperity into your house. (Is the front door pointing to the north or south? Is your bedroom on the west side of the house? Where is your coffee table located?) You can learn more about the cardinal points and what they mean and represent in Feng Shui at The Chinese Zodiac

But how do you know which compass points are the most fortuitous ones for you and which ones seem to suck all the positivity and luck from your home? It comes down to working out your kua number.

My lucky number!

When you delve into the world of Feng Shui you will eventually come across the term "kua number". Though not used by all Feng Shui practitioners, your kua number helps you determine the better directions and locations for your home and the objects within it. Your personal kua number is determined by your birth year and gender.

Here are a couple of examples of how you can calculate your kua number (similar to numerology, you keep adding the digits together until you get to a single digit)

Jenny was born in 1965. Let's calculate her kua number:

⦁ Add the numbers together: 1 + 9 + 6 + 5 = 21

⦁ Add 2 + 1 which results in 3

⦁ Jenny's kua number is 3

Desmond was born in 1993. Let's calculate his kua number:

⦁ Add the numbers together: 1 + 9 + 9 + 3 = 22

⦁ Add 2 + 2 which results in 4

⦁ Barry's kua number is 4

Now that you can work out your kua number, how do you know which direction is the best for you? It all depends on what area of your life you are wanting to have more prosperity and success in. It requires you applying your personal kua number to a Bagua Map. Have a look at this one:

Armed with your kua number and Bagua Map, you are set to turn things around in your home and life. As you can see from the above Bagua map, Feng Shui can cause you to prosper and harmonise your health, your career, finances, relationships and your spiritual growth. Let's look at the awesome benefits of Feng Shui.

How you can create Feng Shui success

By looking at the current layout of your home and rearranging items and removing or adding other ones can influence the flow of the positive energy of qi whilst reducing or even eliminating its negative aspects.

Increasing your wealth

Water is seen as a symbol of wealth within Feng Shui as farmers in ancient China relied on it for the prosperity of their crops. If you are wanting to obtain more money, look at placing a water element in your home such as a fountain or fish tank in the appropriate area determined by your kua number. If a fountain or fish tank isn't viable, consider placing objects in the area that are the colours of water such as blue or aqua toned items. You can also place water themed pictures on your walls.

Also, to help increase your income look at placing metal elements around your house, especially in the part of your home that has the strongest association (according to your kua number) with money. You can use metallic colours such as grey, silver or gold in the decorations in your home and place them toward the western corner of the room.

Improve your health

Find out where the health area of your house is situated through your kua number and see if it's possible for you to relocate your bedroom to that portion of this house. You can also plan to spend more time in that area of your home. Turn it into a hang-out place where you can go and just relax.

Maintaining and enhancing relationships

Feng Shui can improve stained relationships and help create new relationships. A front door that is bigger or the same size as other doors in your house positively affects the relationship with your loved one. In the bedroom, hand things in pairs, such as night lights or bedside cabinets.

Preventing money issues

The west side of your house is related to money. If it is small, then it can mean money conflicts for you. You can eliminate the negative qi by adding an element of gold into this area. If the west portion of your house is overly large, it can influence you through making you an overspender. To combat this, place some water elements on the west side of your home.

Happy living

Feng Shui is a fascinating topic that has been providing prosperity and success to people for the past 4,000 years. If you feel that your house and your health are lacking energy and positivity, look at redesigning your rooms and your house to align it with the positive side of qi.

You will be surprised at how much better and lucky you become! Happy living!

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