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The Benefits of Celery Juice

The idea of drinking celery juice isn’t a new concept. Anthony Williams, also known as the Medical Medium, has been consuming celery juice since his childhood in 1975.

Now, there seems to be a rising tide of converts to the idea of drinking 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach (Anthony Williams’ idea). But what does celery juice actually do for you? Are there health benefits in drinking celery juice?

The healing power of celery

Celery contains a wide range of antibiotics and phytonutrients which can aid in reducing inflammation problems, helps with digestive issues as well as other health benefits.

Aids digestion

Because celery contains a high amount of water, some of the fibres are soluble while others aren’t. All this adds to care for your digestive tract. Also, when drinking celery juice, it increases the body’s production of stomach acid which helps you digest food.

Helps inflammation

Celery contains apigenin which has been linked to reducing proteins that contribute to inflammation. Though studies have only been carried out on mice, there is an indication that it may help humans who are suffering from inflammation issues.

Assists in growing nerve cells

Another benefit of apigenin is its ability to encourage nerve cells to develop and grow. This can aid in enhancing learning and memory as well as supporting mental clarity. Celery also contains luteolin which prevents nerve degeneration by appeasing inflammation in the brain, again acting to reduce the rate of age-related memory loss.

Helps to ward off cancer

The antioxidants contained within celery can help fight off free radicals, therefore helping to reduce the risk of getting cancer. Within celery there is luteolin which is a flavonoid recognised for its anti-cancer properties.

Other claims

Proponents of celery juice say that it has helped them with:

● Clearer skin

● Acne

● Weight loss

● Anxiety

● Less mood swings

● Sustained energy during the day

● Chronic fatigue symptoms

● Autoimmune issues

Be careful though, as some of the evidence surrounding some claims is anecdotal so there is a need for caution in claiming celery juice is the cure-all some people may make it out to be.

Why drink celery juice?

Why do people prefer to drink celery juice instead of just eating the stalk? Though there are benefits in eating celery (such as you are getting fibre that is otherwise lost when juicing celery which adds to the digestive healing power of the celery) many have turned to taking celery in liquid form.

With celery juice you are still getting vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, fiolate, calcium, potassium, water, electrolytes, flavonoids and phytochemicals.

Anthony Williams recommends having 16 ounces of celery juice on an empty stomach in the morning. If that is too much for you to consume in one go, then you can break the 16 ounces down to smaller amounts and work toward the 16 ounces goal.

Here is why celery juice is the more preferable way of getting the health benefits of celery.

Liquid is easier to consume than stalks

To get the 16 ounces of celery (which is just over 450 grams) requires a decent sized bunch of celery. You have the choice: either munch through the bunch of celery, or chuck it all in juicer.

It’s easier to consume 16 ounces in a liquid form, so a lot of people choose that option. It’s more convenient and you are still getting all the antioxidants and vitamins that are contained within the celery.

Aids your hydration

As has been mentioned, celery contains a lot of water. So, if you feel a little dehydrated, then a glass of celery juice will rehydrate and replace any electrolytes you have used up during the day.

It’s convenient during the morning rush

In the morning, we are all so busy getting ready for the day and sometimes our health takes a back-seat as we prepare for work and school. Chucking celery into a juicer, will ensure that you are getting a great health boost before you head out the door. If you find that you don’t have time in the morning, then you can prepare the juice the night before and put it in your refrigerator.

Enjoy your juice

So, now you have an appreciation of the benefits of celery juice. However, some people find that they are put off by the taste of pure celery juice. You can add an apple, orange, or another sweet fruit into the mix to make the juice more palatable, but slowly reduce the amount of the additional fruit until you are consuming the celery juice without any enhancements.

Also, you may be wondering what kind of celery you should be using. Organic is the best option.

A final note needs to be made about celery juice. Though there are many health benefits to drinking celery juice (which have been backed with scientific research), there are other benefits that are unreliable due to the lack of any scientific backing. Celery is an amazing vegetable that contains a wide range of health benefits and celery juice is a convenient way of receiving what celery has to offer.

If you want to make your own celery juice, here is a video tutorial that will show you how to make your own homemade juice.

DISCLAIMER: The information contained within this post should not be taken as health advice. If you suffer from any illness, then seek help from your medical professional. The content is provided solely for informational purposes.

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