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The Natural Properties of Crystals

Have you ever felt tired and drained of energy? What did you do to bring back that much needed energy? Have a hot bath? Maybe you had a power nap. Yet, you find that that didn’t really help.

You contemplate going to that healing centre you always pass on your way home. Out the front of the centre it extols the virtues of crystals and their healing power. But part of you places the claim under mumbo jumbo. Yet, another part of you wonders if the claims made about crystals is true.

Crystals do have natural ability to bring harmony and balance to your energy fields. They send forth their own energies that are determined by the stones shape, colour and natural frequencies.

Let’s look at these different aspects of crystals and how these influence the stones vibrational frequency.

The effect of shapes

When it comes to deciding how to use crystals in any kind of healing, you need to consider the shape of the stone. Each shape has an inherent property that serves a specific purpose.

Here are the most common shapes you will find crystals in and the specific property assigned to the shape.


The pyramid is a symbol of strength, charging and attraction. Therefore a pyramid shaped crystal is designed to strengthen the natural power and energy of the crystal. It attracts your intentions and desires and sends them out through the apex of the pyramid.


Due to the spherical shape these crystals are ideal for sending out energy evenly in all directions, therefore bringing harmony and balance to your environment. If you feel an imbalance in your auric field, holding a spherical crystal will help restore peace to your aura. Crystal balls have been used in divination as they possess the property of opening up the communication channel with the spiritual world.


Square crystals are connected with the root chakra and grounding. Also, they can be used to remove negative energy from your environment and changing it to positive energy. Another property of square crystals is their ability to anchor and ground your intentions due to the association with the root chakra.

Crystal Points

Points on a crystal have a similar property as that of the apex of the Pyramid shaped crystals. That is, the points can be used to elevate and concentrate energy and then send the energy in the direction to which it is pointed.

It’s in the shape

These are the main shapes of crystals, though you will see that there are many other forms available. Jagged crystals can be used for protection as the sharp points possess a defensive property. Rounded crystals offer a more harmonious and peaceful feel.

The look of the crystal also has an influence on its natural attributes. Transparent stones are more absorbent and, therefore, take in more energy. Darker stones reflect energy.

Clusters are groups of crystals that grow together in a group and make them powerful for sending out energy in different directions. Cylindrical cut stones are ideal for meditation as you can hold them in your hand and therefore intensify your intention.You can also hold a cylindrical stone in each hand and bring about balance.

It’s all about the vibes

It should come as no surprise that everything is energy. It’s a fundamental law of nature. Energy is emitted at different frequencies and so, when using crystals for healing, we need to consider their vibrations. For example, the frequency of Amethyst is 32,879Mhz, Jade has a frequency of 20Mhz and Selenite emits energy at 244.5Mhz.

Each stone is unique and its properties determine the influence it has on other energy fields. Rarer stones are found to have a higher vibration than the more common crystals. Also, the size, colour, thickness all govern the frequency and energy that the crystal emits.

When our bodies, both physical and subtle/spiritual, are depleted of energy or are affected by negative energy, then we can use the specific vibrational property of a particular stone to bring restoration and healing.

Our chakras also are affected by a crystal’s frequency and colour, therefore we match the appropriate coloured stone with the chakra that is in need of attention and rebalancing.

Colour matching and our chakras

An inherent part of a crystal is its colour with colour being emitted at a particular light frequency. Shorter wavelengths fall toward the Ultraviolet end of the light spectrum (400nm - 500 nm) and consist of the purple and blue. At the other end of the spectrum is light that falls with the Infrared range (700nm) and contains yellow, orange and red. Green falls somewhere in the middle of the two extremes and is emitted at frequencies between 530 - 490nm.

The purple colour of Amethyst makes it an ideal stone for working with the crown chakra. To bring balance and energy to the Third Eye chakra, then a stone that will compliment the turquoise colour of this chakra should be used such as Lapis Lazuli or Sodalite.

If you detect and issue with the throat chakra, a blue coloured stone like Sodalite can provide the energy needed to restore balance. Green Tourmaline, green Aventurine or any other stone that falls within the green range of the light spectrum is used when working with the heart chakra.

The yellow of the Solar Plexus chakra means that you should use yellow coloured stones to bring harmony and healing to this area. Orange Citrine or Carneline are ideal for work with the Sacral chakra.

Any issues with the root chakra can be addressed by using garnet, onyx, red jasper or any other stone that emits colour toward the infrared end of the light spectrum.

Because light is energy and energy is light, then it is understandable that the natural light properties of crystals can be used to rebalance and harmonise our spiritual and physical energies.

It’s all about harmonising

When we feel run down, emotionally drained or have a feeling that there is something fundamentally wrong, then it’s our bodies (spiritual and physical) telling us that there is an imbalance.

Crystals have been used for thousands of years to bring healing. Each stone’s natural properties such as shape and colour determine the frequency it transmits. These vibrations will restore any imbalances in our chakras and physical body.

So, next time you are in need of a “pick me up” then maybe you should grab a crystal or two and let them bless you with their natural healing ability!

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