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The Pineal Gland And How To Decalcify It

In the centre of brain sitting snugly between the left and right hemispheres is a small (it’s no bigger than a grain of rice) pinecone shaped gland. The pineal gland may be tiny, but it plays an important role as part of your endocrine system. It produces melatonin which helps regulate the wake-sleep cycle (the circadian rhythm) of your body, your hunger and thirst, your ageing process as well as sexual desire.

On a more spiritual level, the pineal gland, which is also known as the “Third Eye”, releases Dimethyltryptamine which is associated with intuition, higher states of consciousness and enlightenment.

When the pineal gland gets blocked through calcification it can result in difficulty sleeping, feelings of vulnerability, confusion, pessimism and negativity. And if this gland is functioning properly, it means that we can’t realise our full potential.

What causes the pineal gland to be calcified?

Fluoride is one of the two major contributors (the other is synthetic calcium) to calcification of the pineal gland and because this gland loves to gather fluoride it results in a buildup of calcium around the pineal gland.

The issue is with the type of fluoride we are exposed to in our households. There are two types of fluoride: naturally occurring and synthetic. It’s the synthetic fluoride that’s the problem and it’s this that is used in the water systems through most of the world.

When our pineal gland is calcified it puts us out of step with nature and our body’s normal functioning.

How to decalcify the pineal gland

Now you know what the issues are around a blocked pineal gland and how it becomes calcified, what can you do to decalcify this amazing part of your endocrine system. After all, a healthy pineal gland means your wake-sleep cycle is starting to get back in sync with nature, you will experience greater clarity and intuition.

So how do you go about decalcifying your pineal gland? It begins by getting rid of the artificial fluoride.

Get a decent water filter

A great water filter will eliminate not only the synthetic fluoride that is lurking in your water it can also remove any heavy metals such as lead that come through due to old water pipes in your house or within the water supply infrastructure of your town.

Also, invest in a water filter for your showerhead so that you are absorbing any nasties into the pores of your skin while you’re having that nice refreshing shower.

Replace your toothpaste

You may be brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste thanking the manufacturer for helping prevent tooth decay, yet your pineal gland is the victim. Replace your toothpaste with a fluoride-free variety and your pineal gland will thank-you. Oh, and your teeth will still be okay, too. That’s a win-win situation!

Chuck away the processed food

All the additives, preservatives, chemicals and pesticides are all sure beats for calcification of your pineal gland. Give processed food the heave-ho. If possible, go vegan and organic. If you can’t commit to a completely vegan diet, then ensure that any meat you do buy is free of anything that will block your pineal gland.

Grab some medicinal herbs

Nothing helps nature more than...nature. Natural herbs and remedies have been used for thousands of years across a range of cultures. So if you want to decalcify your pineal gland try getting some of these medicinal herbs:

● Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle has antioxidants that can aid in detoxifying the liver, remove heavy metals out of your system and aids in chemotherapy

● Chaga

Chaga provides high amounts of melatonin as well as melanin, which influence our circadian rhythms, so it is great for giving your pineal gland a little “pick-me-up”.

● Algae

If you wish to remove heavy metals out of your system, then get your hands on some algae. It binds to the heavy metals and removes them from your system. Also, by lifting your oxygen levels, it could be beneficial to decalcifying your pineal gland.

Detoxify naturally

If you wish to detoxify your system you can go and get some of natural detoxifiers such as Iodine which removes fluoride from your body. Beets or if you like the taste of beet juice you can grab some of that, too also eliminate fluoride from your system. If you want to remove any metals from your body, grab some citric acid, apple cider vinegar or munch through an orange or grapefruit.

Preventing calcification

The major cause of calcium buildup of your pineal gland is through artificial fluoride. By eliminating any exposure to the fluoride and through paying careful attention to what you eat and if the food has any chemicals or pesticides, you are shutting the door to the nasties that want to come and attack your pineal gland.

Once you take care of this small but important gland, you will begin to experience a greater night’s sleep, have greater insight and you will find that you have better focus. It might feel like something magical has happened. That’s the mazing pineal gland working its little heart out for you!

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