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The Power and Purpose of Crystals

Crystal power isn’t new

Crystals have been around as long as this planet has been in existence, Born from nature as liquids cool and harden, they possess amazing properties of healing.

Everything is energy and crystals vibrate at different frequencies. As we utilise these precious stones to bring harmony to our physical and spiritual bodies, we will find healing as well as access and connection to the divine.

There are a vast range of crystals each possessing unique properties and powers. Here we are going to look at a few of the stones available and how they can benefit you.

Earth’s gift to you.

The power of crystals and their ability to provide you with healing is the result of thousands of years of trial and error. People would feel different when they held or were around certain stones, so then that crystal became known to alleviate the negative symptoms (whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual).

With hundreds of different healing crystals available, we are only going to consider a few of the more popular ones and the benefits they possess.


This stone is good for bringing you fortune and abundance. It also can remove negative emotions and aid in your personal growth. Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and can help in emotional balancing. This crystal also possesses the ability to help you with success in your career and strengthens your creativity and independence.

On a physical level, Aventurine can assist in alleviating allergies, sinus issues, blood pressure and healing along the nervous system.


If you feel like your physical, mental and spiritual systems are in need of balancing, then Agate will help. It also is great for giving spiritual energy that will enhance your spiritual growth during times of self-contemplation. Being a grounding crystal it will assist you in being more centred and grounded with the earth.

Agate has been known to help heal the eyes, blood vessels, digestive system and uterus.


Bloodstone was believed by the ancient Greeks to be a stone with protective properties. It is a crystal that absorb negative energy and then dissolve it so that it doesn’t affect others. This crystal is also beneficial for intuition as well as removing any negativity from your aura,

It is a good crystal to use if you want healing for your eyes, cleansing your spleen, liver, kidneys or intestines. For women suffering from hot flashes, Bloodstone can help by stabilising the hormones.


If you are struggling to concentrate, then Fluorite is worth considering. It helps in mental clarity, aids in learning and memory. It is also useful for building self-confidence and as well as enhancing decision-making.

Flourite is also known for its ability to absorb any negative energies that enter into your aura. It also possesses the property of helping one understand the universe and its perfection as well as where you fit in within the universe’s design.

On a physical level Flourite helps in strengthening your bones and teeth. When you feel yourself getting sick, Fluorite will help you recover due to its ability to bring balance and harmony into your body.


Onyx is associated with financial stability, business success and self-confidence, thus making it an ideal crystal for any entrepreneur. It also helps bring balance to the duality of life such as pain and pleasure, negativity and positivity and balances the yin/yang energies of the body.

Because of its ability to bring harmony into one’s life, it is a crystal suited for stabilising one’s emotional ups and downs.

Physically, Onyx is great for teeth, bones, blood disorders, improving hearing and enhancing nerve functioning.


Topaz works with the meridians of the body, distributing energy where it’s needed most. Therefore its great at soothing and remotivating you when you feel your energy level is waning. It is also a great stone for stress relief as it removes tension and promotes relaxation.

If you are looking for some good fortune, love, better communication or better self-control, then get your hands on some Topaz.

The healing property of Topaz can help people suffering from eating disorders, mental illnesses and eye problems.


Selenite the ideal stone for women and is recommended to be worn by those who are wanting to attract love. It also aids in fertility. If you have had a falling out with someone that and want to make amends with the relationship, then this crystal will enhance reconciliation.

To build an environment that is safe, Selenite can be placed in the corners of a room so as to build a grid that will establish harmony and peace.

If you are suffering from inflexibility within your muscular system, Selenite can help as it is known to provide strength to one’s core structure. Also, it can calm seizures from epilepsy. It aids inner alignment, cleaning of your aura and enables activation of your spirit and opens the way for communication with spirit guides and angels..

Crystal Quartz

Because of its ability to intensify your desires, prayers and manifestations of the spirit realm, Crystal Quartz is also referred to as The Spirit Stone. This crystal contains the entire range of colours and protects against any negativity.

As a stone of power, Crystal Quartz intensifies your energy and intention. Its physical healing property invigorates the body’s immune and circulatory system.


For those seeking protection, Tourmaline is the crystal of choice. It is employed as a psychic shield as well as energy grounding and can ward of any negative entity that is entering your energy field. This stone also promotes happiness and decreases fear.

It can strengthen your immune system, ease pain in the joints and realign your spine.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is also referred to as the Crystal of Unconditional Love and is known to aid in purifying the heart. It brings confidence and harmony back into relationships. This stone opens your heart to self-love, profound inner healing and peacefulness.

On a maternal level, Rose Quartz nurtures binding between mothers and their babies. For those suffering from bad dreams, this crystal can assist in stopping nightmares.

A light rub of Rose Quartz can sooth any burns or blisters. It also has the ability to remove impurities from the cells of the body as well as alleviate any bronchial problems and coughs. For people with blood circulation issues or high blood pressure, this stone can help.

Lapis Lazuli

Also known as the Stone of Truth, Lapis Lazuli possesses a celestial property that helps in obtaining wisdom. It empowers the Throat Chakra to enhance communication and the sharing of your ideas. Lapis Lazuli also stimulates self-awareness and opens up inner truth.

On the physical level, this crystal helps with any issues associated with the throat or vocal cords. It can reduce insomnia and strengthens your immune system.


Hematite is a grounding stone and, as such, it helps you with feeling safe. It can provide you with courage and strength and protects you from taking on the negativity of others. This crystal is also recognised for its ability to bring a balance between the nervous systems of our physical and subtle/ethereal bodies.

Because of the iron element in Hematite, it is known to aid in cleaning the blood and enhancing circulation. It also calms your nervous system.


Jade is known as the Dream Stone because it provides access to the spiritual world and enables you to find answers through your dreams. It is associated with the heart and enables you to accept truth and display love.

This stone replenishes energy, protects from harm and attracts harmony. Physically, Jade helps with the elimination of toxins, assists with fertility and rebalances fluids in the body.


Due to its ability in helping manifest your life’s dreams and purpose by bringing the spiritual realm into the physical, Amethyst is also referred to as the Manifestation Stone. It protects against psychic attack through its ability to transform negative energy into love.

Because it is associated with the upper chakras, this crystal enhances spiritual awareness, activates intuition and strengthens psychic ability.

It is also known to help with hormonal production, the alleviation of headaches and can help with the destruction of malignant cancerous tumours. Placing amethyst under your pillow will provide you with a peaceful sleep.


Obsidian is the Mirror Stone because it is believed that its jet black characteristic strengthens the ability for the crystal to allow reflection of your soul. It also enables you to see into other realms and develop insight and wisdom. For people experiencing bullying, Obsidian can be used as a protection stone to ward off the bullying.

This crystal encourages curiosity of the unknown and venturing out toward new horizons.

It can alleviate digestive issues and removal of toxins from the body. If you are experiencing anxiety or stress because of an emotional trauma, Obsidian aids in easing the distress felt.

Get in touch with crystals

With so many numerous and diverse powers of crystals, it is worth considering them as a means to help you become more attuned to the spiritual and divine realms. As a healing tool, crystals can help with a wide range of physical ailments as well as provide you with better sleep. (A word of caution: The advice in this article isn’t meant to be taken as medical advice).

As you use crystals to bring harmony and balance between your spiritual and physical bodies, you will find that you will begin to experience life in a deeper level and become a more holistic individual.

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