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The Power of Manifestation

What is it that you want in your life? It could be something tangible such as a better car, more money, a better career. How about desiring something less materialistic like less stress or anxiety, to be more positive or to not worry so much?

These things are possible to get and the universe has whatever you desire ready and waiting for you to reach out and claim it. That is what the power of manifestation, or Law of Attraction, is all about. It’s as if the divine has a storage shed jampacked with everything you want to have the life you desire, all you have to do is open the shed and grab whatever you need.

Yet, how do you get access to the shed? How is it possible to manifest your wishes? Let’s start by looking at what you have in your life now.

It’s all in your thinking

Stop and take a look at your life. What currently is going on with you? Are you happy, content, fulfilled? What do you think about your life? Is it a constant struggle and uphill battle to keep yourself afloat or do you feel blessed?

Let’s go a little deeper with the introspection and contemplate how you view yourself. What do you think about yourself? What emotions do you generally feel? Are they positive or negative? Do you consider that it’s possible to change who you are and your life’s situation and circumstances?

Your current life is the result of your thinking and self-view. If the bills are piling up and you moan that you never have enough to make ends meet, then you are going to continue struggling against the financial tide.

How do you feel about yourself and what are your general emotions? Do you love yourself, or are you hard on yourself? Do you tend to worry a lot or do you just take things in their stride?

What do you want out of life? Can you describe your dream lifestyle? What does it look, sound and feel like? The life you presently have is the manifestation of your thinking and self-belief. The universe is serving up that which you expected. You reached into the shed and pulled out what you think you deserve.

You may look at other people and wish to have half of what they have. They seem so happy and blessed. It’s as though everything in their life resonates success. But, don’t despair! You can tap into the storehouse of the universe and take what you need to have the life you only dreamed about.

It takes a change in your thinking. It takes aligning yourself with the universe. It takes you tuning into the power of manifestation.

How to access the Power of Manifestation

Some people talk about the Power of Manifestation as though it was some great secret that only few have access to. Yet, it isn't some tremendous, esoteric secret. As mentioned, the life you are experiencing now is the result of the power of manifestation (you just didn’t realise it).

The Law of Attraction is simply the universe serving up what you think and feel you deserve. But you can change your circumstances and there are countless testimonies online of people who have had a complete change in their lives due to consciously accessing the Power of Manifestation.

What is meant by “manifestation”? It simply is bringing into existence into your life something that isn’t currently there. Your dream life is possible, you just need to reach out to the universe and grab it. Yet, there are some rules you need to follow!

1. Create an outline of your ultimate life

When you do something, anything, worthwhile, you usually have an overall idea of what that is going to be. What it is you want to achieve. There is some end-goal in mind. The same is true when it comes to the Law of Attraction.

You currently have an end result in mind of your present life whether that is a continual struggle, negativity, hopelessness or the complete opposite. You have created an outline of your life and what it looks like.

If you aren’t satisfied with the current model of your lifestyle there is great news for you: You can rewrite the blueprint of your life and what you want. Sit down and think about what it is you want from life. This is a subjective exercise as everyone has different visions for their own lives.

Don’t be shy or hold back. Imagine the craziest, wildest things you want out of life. The universe is waiting to give them all to you!

2. Make the experience multi-sensory

When you imagine your ideal life, don’t just merely think about it immerse yourself in the exercise. Use all of your 5-senses!

If you desire to travel to another country what is it that you can see? What can you hear? When you visualise eating the food on your trip, what does the food taste and smell like? What else can you imagine tasting or smelling? Is there anything you can imagine touching? How does the object you are touching feel?

The whole point is to make your visualisation multi-sensory experience. It’s like an amazing virtual reality journey where you can access your dream life now and fully immerse yourself in the sensation of living that life.

3. Watch what you say

When it comes to talking about the reality that you want to manifest in your life be careful of the words that you use. Always use present tense sentences. After all, as far as the divine is concerned that reality you are wanting to bring into your life is a present reality with the universe.

Avoid using phrases such as “I hope...”, “I wish...”, “I want...”. Instead, say “I have…” or “I now have…” It may feel like a lie and you could feel awkward about speaking in the present tense about something that isn’t currently in your life but don’t forget the universe already considers that you have your manifested dream now! It’s a done deal as far as the divine is concerned

It’s all about trust and faith.

4. No room for doubt

You have to fully believe that the universe can and will give you what you desire. After all, look at your current life.

With the Law of Attraction, doubt is like the fuel that puts the fire out. If you don’t fully trust in the ability of the universe to provide you with what you desire, that change that you are seeking, the prosperity that you want, then the universe will hold back.

Thoughts are energy and energy attracts like energy. Positive energy attracts positivity and negative energy is a magnet for negative energy. Doubt is fear disguised. Fear is negative energy and you just put the brakes on the universe delivering you what you were believing for.

Think positively! Speak positive affirmations about the situation using present tense phrases, Thank the universe for its generosity in giving you that which you are desiring. Then see the amazing Power of Manifestation start to pour the blessings into your life.

5. You need to act

The Power of Manifestation isn’t a one-sided affair where the universe does all the work and you do nothing. If you want change in your life then you have to change, too.

If you desire a new career, you can’t just sit alone and meditate visualising the new career and then expect the universe to serve it up to you on a silver plate. You need to take action. What do you have to do to change careers? Do extra study? Apply for jobs in the vocation you are wanting to step into.

If you are struggling financially, what can you do to turn the situation around? Spend less or look at ways to increase your income?

The divine expects you to do your part when it comes to the Power of Manifestation. Think of it as co-creating with the universe to give you that new life. This requires you to tune into your intuition as the universe will point you in the direction you need to go to bring your desires into reality.

6. Don’t be concerned with how or when

It’s only natural to be anxious about having your reality manifest as quick as possible. And, though the universe expects you to take action and play your part in the plan, sometimes we can push our intuition aside and try to speed up the process. The result? You screw everything up and then get frustrated.

The universe is working on manifesting your desire, yet you need to practice patience. Get in step with the universe. Align yourself to its timing and you will find that things just start to naturally fall into place.

Don’t get hung up on the how, either. The universe loves to serve up surprises and you will find that your dream was provided to you in a way you least expected.

Just believe, trust and wait. Then you will see the blessings pile up in your life.

Enjoy the process

The Power of Manifestation opens the way for you to have the life you long for. Whatever that life looks like is up to you. Don’t be scared to make it the wildest, most blessed life you desire. You deserve it.

When it comes to manifesting your desires, enjoy the process. Remember, negativity will only cause the divine to hold back on blessing you and deliver you what you are expecting. Like attracts like. Recall that positive energy and negative energy (thoughts are energy) will attract similar energy.

You can start the process with this mediation:

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and relax. In your mind’s eye visualise that which you want manifested in your life and what your life will be like if that was a current reality. Use all of your 5-senses as you visualise your desire. What can you see? Can you hear anything? If so, what is it that you hear? Reach out and touch whatever it is that you desire. What sensations do you feel? Are there any smells? Is it possible to taste anything? Maybe it is food that you couldn’t afford to buy but you can now as anything is possible. What flavours are you experiencing? Allow yourself to be immersed in the experience. How do you feel? Happy, excited, free? What emotions are flooding through your body? Let the emotion wash over you and consume you. Enjoy the visualisation. Thank the universe with heartfelt gratitude for giving to you that which you desire. When you are ready, slowly open your eyes.

The meditation doesn’t have to be long nor do you have to rush through it. Just take whatever time you need to enjoy it and always remember to stay positive! When it comes to visualising that which you want to manifest in your life make the images and sensations as vivid as possible.

And always express gratitude to the universe, angels and spirit guides who are working on bringing your dream into reality!

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