• Hali Kalju

The Spiritual Meaning of Deja Vu

Ever had the feeling that the situation you experienced is familiar as though you have done it before? Welcome to deja vu (French for “already seen”). It is a phenomenon that around 70% of people will have at least once in their life.

What exactly does it mean when you have deja vu? Is there a spiritual meaning to deja vu or is it simply a coincidence? Should you sit up and take notice when you have that sense of “I’ve done this before”?

Before you came here

Prior to being born, we all existed in the spirit realm where we hung out with our soul group. The soul group can be considered to be our spiritual team, spiritual family and friends who work together not only in the spirit realm but in each other’s past lives.

Working together we plan what each of us will do while on Earth. We establish lessons that we want to learn and the destiny we wish to fulfil during our human life. Our mission on Earth involves our soul group (who may come through as your spouse, parents or friends whilst living out your Earth life).

Just prior to being born into your human life, you and your soul group finalise the plan and lessons that you have decided to accomplish in your Earth life. With everything decided, you are born. There is a problem though…

What is my life for?

Can you remember your past lives? What about your life in spirit just before you entered into your current life? Chances are you will struggle to recollect your previous existence and previous lives.

It’s as though when you enter into this life your memory has undergone a complete wipe and you can’t remember your spirit group or the plans you made with them regarding your life’s mission or purpose.

In times of deep contemplation, you ask yourself soul-searching questions about the meaning and purpose of your life. Deep down you may have a feeling that you are on this Earth for some higher purpose yet fail to comprehend exactly what it is.

You meet someone or go somewhere and then, wham! you get the sense that you have met that person or been to that place before. You have a sense of deja vu and wonder about the situation. What does that feeling of deja vu mean? Does it even mean anything or is it simply just a case of your mind playing tricks on you?

Take notice

Through life, we are given signposts indicating that our life is on the right path. The synchronicity of being at the right place at the right time or having an intuitive feeling about something or someone and just brush it off as luck.

When you have periods of deja vu, don’t simply brush them off as coincidence or a trick of the mind.

In past lives, we have had numerous dealings with our soul team and we know each other. There is a spiritual resonation between you and those that make up your soul group. When you have that sense of having met someone before pay attention as you may be interacting with one of the players on your soul team. What are they saying to you? What is the context around you meeting each other? Is there an underlying message about you and your life?

If you get the sense that you have been at a location before, take note. Remember, before you entered your human life, you established a mission for your life with your soul family. As a team, you would have chosen reasons for you to be in particular places on Earth. When you visit a certain place and get that overwhelming sense of “being here before” its time to heighten your awareness. Why are you at this spot at this time? Who else is there with you? What lesson can you learn from being at this place? What made you decide to go to this place rather than somewhere else?

Deja vu is a pointer for your life’s direction

The phenomenon of deja vu is the divine’s way of showing that your life is on the right track. That you are heading in the correct direction to bring to pass the mission you and your soul team set for your human existence.

Instead of shrugging off those moments of familiarity, embrace them and be thankful that you have been shown that you and your life are exactly where it’s supposed to be. Keep looking out for the indicators though, as it can be easy to get so caught up in life that we fail to keep an eye on the “road markers” that point us to the ultimate destination that we pre-planned in the spirit realms.

Deja vu isn’t a trick of the mind. It’s a confirmation from the divine and spirit realms.

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