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The Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

You are living in a dreamscape. The world you are experiencing is an illusion. A fantasy. Sure it feels real. Seems real. Yet there is a part of you that is uncertain whether what is happening is really true or just an amazing figment of your imagination.

The morning comes and you awaken.

You are now conscious and aware that what happened was merely a dream and the world around you is the real. It’s tangible. You can feel it. See it. Hear it. Smell it. Your senses dictate that THIS world is the real and the one you just woke up from is the fake.

But you have been thinking lately whether this life you are living is truly your reality. As though you are waking up from the fogginess of a dream world.

Deep within you, there has been a sudden uneasiness about your life. You feel as though the reality has flipped 180 and now reality is perceived as the fake.

There is within you a fundamental questioning of everything: Who are you? Why you are here? What is your purpose on this earth?

You are more than your intellect

Whether we recognise it or not we are all constructs of our egos.

The ego is the great “I” and it enables us to have an identity:

● I am Joe Brown

● I work as a sales rep for a national insurance company

● I love pizza and going for long walks along the beach

The ego is the mental filter by which we process the information of our experiences and how we think and feel about ourselves. It is our base nature and is always striving toward the “ideal” self. It is the intellect. The brain over-riding the heart and you are listening to the brain whilst ignoring the leading and pulling of your intuition.

Yet that self-construct is false. It is based on past experiences. It is formed and moulded by the rules and expectations of our parents, peers, society and culture. “You” are defined by other people’s dictates and those other people are also defined by similar rules and norms.

However, there is a stirring deep within you. You have become completely disillusioned with who you are. You wonder if your life is just one big lie. You are experiencing a personal crisis as you contemplate if what you are going through is a mental breakdown.

It’s though one day you were happy. Then you woke up and realised that everything about you is false. The life that brought you so much joy now brings you only misery. Depression sets in and you consider seeking professional help.

What you haven’t come to understand is that maybe you are going through a spiritual awakening.

You are stepping out of the base nature of the ego, which has been in charge all this time (and it’s not going to let go without a fight) and now allowing your intuition and your heart to guide you.

Symptoms of Spiritual Awakening

Yet, how do you know that what is happening to you is a spiritual awakening rather than just some mere psychological crisis? Are there some signs that an awakening is happening?

Those who are going through a spiritual awakening have noticed that there are some symptoms that point to the transformation they are experiencing. Here are some signs:

Greater Introspection: Most of your life you have been outwardly focused. Thinking about and being influenced by the outside world. Now, you have started to spend time in self-reflection. You go through periods of deep contemplation and self-analysis. You are starting to tune out the noise of the external and are listening to the guidance of your heart and intuition.

You ask profound questions: You thought that you had everything together. Your life was good, you were happy, least you thought you were. Now you start asking deep, probing questions about who you are and your life’s purpose. Some of the questions you ask may have elusive answers and that causes you concern.

You spend time alone: Before you were the social creature, but now you prefer the company of one: yourself. You enjoy the solitude and the deep contemplation that accompnies your “alone time”.

Your behaviour changes: As you come to comprehend that who you are and what you do are merely constructs of the ego as it seeks to fulfil its selfish wants and needs, you change. You are no longer slave to the unceasing demands of the “self” and your behaviour reflects that. Friendships may be abandoned as you find that they don’t serve a purpose anymore. Habits change as you are guided by your heart and abandon the dictates of the intellect.

Feelings of depression and anxiety arise: When we experience a trauma, it’s natural to feel sadness and fear. As you awaken spiritually you begin to understand that the life you had was false. It’s a shock to your system and the natural reaction is panic. It’s as though the rug has been pulled out from under your feet. On an existential level, it has! You are suffering loss: loss of identity and direction for your life. The melancholy sets in and seems like it’s come to stay.

You are okay with yourself: When we are led by our ego we seek approval from those around us. The ego needs to be petted and praised. As we become spiritually awake, we begin to accept ourselves as the imperfect being that we are. The “Ideal” self that the ego is striving for doesn’t exist. You are okay with being flawed.

Empathy and compassion increase: As we awaken spiritually, we find that we love more and judge less. We are able to identify and empathise more with those who we are suffering. The desire to reach out and help increases.

There is an increase in synchronicity: When you become more attuned to your intuition, you find that you are more aware of the many “coincidences” that occur in your life. It’s as though there is a constant barrage of divine “setups” that lead and guide you. Pay attention to these times as it is your intuition and the universe speaking to you.

You see the interconnectedness of everything: You gain an understanding that you and the universe are fundamentally connected. There is no “you”. That is merely an illusion created by the ego. The universe is you and you are the universe. Every person, every creature, every part of nature is interconnected and all part of a collecive whole.

Sensitiviy is heightened: Those who are undergoing a spiritual awakening find that they are more sensitive and tuned into the vibrations and energies of the world and people around them. You can walk into a room and just feel the atmosphere of it. You can look at or pass by someone and suddenly you pick up on their energies: maybe the person is full of love. Maybe you get a feeling of profund sadness because of the negative vibrations that the person is emitting. We are all energy and energy emits vibrations and frequencies. It’s like you are becoming a “radio receiver” of the different frequencies being broadcast around you.

You feel the need to make dramatic lifestyle changes: You find that the life you were leading was one that served other people. It was a life that was determined by paying attention to the wants, needs and fears of your ego. When we are led by our intuition we may feel the need to abandon our previous lifestyle because it was serving our base nature. As we transcend our ego there comes a desire to embrace a new way of living. We may decide to give up that career we have spent the past few years building. Maybe we relocate to another city or country. Perhaps we severe relationships.

Spiritual Awakening isn’t something that is forced. One can’t will it to happen. It occurs spontaneously and with the symptoms listed above you are able to recognise whether what is occuring in your life is truly an awakening or not.

Allow the awakening to occur. Embrace it. Let it transform you. Then go and help others who are undergoing an awakening.

Be a guide to others

Transformation is never an easy thing. It is fraught with pain, fear and anxiety as those undergoing change may not understand what is happening to them.

As you read, one of the symptoms of spiritual awakening is depression and anxiety. The Dark Night of the Soul is marked with profound darkness and fear. Let us, as those who have gone through the process, get alongside individuals who are fearing the transformation.

Become guides. Let those who have commenced their spiritual awakening come to you for help and encouragement. Reach out to these people.

When you stretch out your hand in empathy and love (both symptoms of spiritual awakening!), you will become known as someone others can go to. You will become famous (but not in the way that the ego dictates as famous, which is all about “I”).

As you help others, the universe will respond in kind with ensuring that you are looked after in a material way. You can become rich but it’s not about money. You will be helping change lives in a way that will leave a marked effect on this world and the universe. That is the “materialistic desire” one who has been through an awakening is desiring.

Assisting each other builds community and in such a community we all can become “famous” and “rich”.

Let your awakening occur

Spiritual awakening is a natural process as you come to understand that the life you currently are living is simply an illusion created by your ego which has been dictated to by society.

You feel a deep yearning within you that who you are now and the life you currently have is not “you”. There is a fundamental “you” that is seeking expression and release. Allow that person to come out. Just as the caterpillar knows that within it there is a magnificent butterly waiting for expression, so to is it with us.

Be led by your intuition. Don’t fight against the pull of your heart for it is leading you on a path that will transform you in a way that will give your life true purpose.

Let your ego take the back seat and let your heart guide you.

Allow your spiritual awakening to occur. You’re worth it!

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