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The Wonder of Astral Travel

An amazing experience

Astral travel is one of the coolest things you can experience.

Just imagine lying in your bed, your eyes closed, your body as relaxed as possible, and yourself fully awake. After a while, your body will become heavier and you will rise a few meters above your bed.

Looking down, you discover that your physical body is sleeping soundly in bed.

You will see that there is one silver pulsing and glowing cord between your physical and astral body. This cord which cannot be broken.

You're calm, relaxed and completely awake.

It's a whole new experience for you and you have a blessed feeling of peace. You are detached from your physical body and you look around your room. Everything sparkles and vibrate like each object has suddenly taken on a life of its own.

Flying out of your room, you move higher and higher. As you continue to rise even higher, you notice that your house is getting smaller until you find yourself in space watching the curvature of planet Earth.

Suddenly, you think of your friend who lives in another part of the world and automatically, but consciously, fly to him. The earth passes under you (just like you have become Superman) and you arrive at your friend’s house.

You look through the window of your friend's house and see him sitting behind a computer eating a cookie. He is wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white T-shirt. You soon realize that it is time to go back to your bed. Thinking about your sleeping physical body, you find that you suddenly have returned into your body.

You wake up and go to your computer to tell your friend what you just experienced. Your friend is amazed because he tells you that what you saw him doing and wearing was correct!

My friends, welcome to the astral journey!

What is Astral Travel

Astral travel is a phenomenon that has rapidly gained popularity in the last 20 years.

It is the process by which a person's consciousness is temporarily released from his or her physical body while the physical body remains in a relaxed state. As a result, you see the whole world in the same way as you see it in your physical body, smelling it, hearing sounds and seeing it.

During the astral journey, you will consciously maintain complete wakefulness throughout the experience, and later remember the entire journey in great detail. Except it hasn’t been done through your physical body but through your astral body.

Many people experience astral travel by accident while sleeping. Sleep Awareness is a very common experience known, among other things, as "Lucid Dreaming" or an "Out of Body Experience" (OOBE).

That may sound crazy and some may wonder about your mental state, but it's really real. In fact, we experience this extra-body experience every night as we sleep. Most of these journeys are unconscious and we fail to recall the experience because we have not trained ourselves to remember them.

Astral Travel Isn’t New

Astral travel has been known since ancient times.

The Egyptians called the astral body "The Light Body". They left descriptions and images of the soul leaving the body on the walls of the pyramids. Tibetans call it the "double body". Many well-known philosophers, such as Plato, Herodotus, and others spoke of this.

The Apostle John also talks about the astral journey.

According to various reports and studies, one in ten people have had an extra-bodily experience. Spontaneous OOBE can happen any time you sleep, are ill, have surgery or meditate.

Experiencing a new Dimension

In astral travel we come to the fourth dimension. Those who have found themselves on the astral journey have felt all their senses working perfectly, perhaps even better than ever. These senses are not only our physical senses but also our inner astral senses.

Thoughts are formed instantaneously and realistically. Everything you desire is created in an instant, limited only by what your imagination allows. This is the main place to stimulate one's thoughts and fantasies because everything manifests in the fourth dimension. The only limit is you.

The astral frequency vibrates higher than the physical frequency.

In this higher realm there seems to be no effect of gravity and, if there is, it doesn’t affect you.

The Three Astral Journey Levels

The astral journey has three levels: low, middle, or high. Each level is different from the others due to the frequencies that vibrate between them.

Low This is the lowest frequency and usually consists mainly of darkness and fear.

Medium This level is experienced by a richness in color and clarity. It is virtually impossible to describe such a realm in words. Time is distorted when journeying to this level with some people saying that the past and the future have been intertwined.

High The highest level in the journey which is called the "7th Heaven" by Christians. For many people, this place is something beyond their imagination as though it is a complete fantasy world. This is the area where angels live.

Benefits of astral travel

When you begin to experience astral travel, you will find that you will begin to find that there are many benefits in store that will enhance your life. Here are a few of the benefits astral journeying will give you:

1. You expand your senses: As has been mentioned, the astral journey opens up another level of sensation for you: that experienced and felt by the your astral body. This gives us the opportunity to reach beyond our physical senses.

2. Recalling past lives: We become better acquainted with our past life experiences. This is because we are accessing a new level of consciousness that had previously been untapped. Some people have been reincarnated for the last 30,000 years.

3. We understand the reason for our existence: Astral journeying allows us to travel to higher realms which let us recall why we came to this world at this particular time and place. This understanding helps us to realise what our life’s purpose in and appreciate our unity with all things.

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