• Hali Kalju

Twin Flames

It is possible that your soul, a single entity at the time of its creation, can be split in two by the divine source when it reaches a higher frequency. What does that mean? That means that half of your soul is now placed into another body which can lead to a feeling of “incompleteness”.

The two pieces of the soul are “twin flames” and when they are reunited, which can take several incarnations, it leaves you with the sense of wholeness.

Don’t get twin flames mixed up with soul mates. The difference is that a soul mate is of similar energy whereas your twin flame is of the same essence as you. There is a sense of recognition between you and your soul mate, but with your twin flame there is a deep clicking within you both as though you each have finally found that missing piece of the puzzle that completes you as an individual.

Remember, that missing piece that clicks is the other half of your soul that was split and placed in a separate body.

Recognising yourself

When you meet that other half of you, your twin flame, it's like you both are looking in the mirror, because you can see yourself clearly in that other soul. There is a feeling that you have known one another all your life (which you have because you are looking at the other half of you!).

There is a profound awareness of one another that takes place on a spiritual/soulish level. Twin flames have a strong attraction to each other, though this attraction doesn’t necessarily have to be romantic.

But, how does one know that the person they have met is their twin flame? In case, you missed the deep, soulish connection that indicates that you are each other’s yin and yang here are some indicators that you have come across that missing part of you:

1. You know on an intuitive level what the other person is thinking or feeling

2. There is an ease in communicating with one another, and sometimes you don't even have to speak to each other to be understood.

3. You understand and know each other on a deep level.

4. Twin flames find that they share the same interests and hobbies.

5. When they discuss how they met each other, twin flames find deep synchronicity in the events leading up to the meeting. It’s as though they were destined to be together (which they were!)

6. When you are with each other, it feels as though time has stopped.

7. Twin flames will find that they say and think the same things at the same time, even when they are apart.

8. You often finish each other’s sentences.

9. When dreaming, twin flames may have the same dream or even appear in one another’s dreams.

10. You are comfortable to be yourself around your twin flame.

A twin flame relationship is an amazing experience, but it’s not all plain sailing. Like any other relationship, there will be ups and downs.

Loving unconditionally

When you look at yourself, there are some things that you love about you and other things that you downright hate. It’s the same when you come across your twin flame. There is a reflecting back of your perfections and your flaws.

Sometimes you can be too focused on the flaws in your twin flame which causes the relationship to part ways. This separation is only temporary because you are both destined to be together. Remember, this is literally your “other half” that we are talking about.

When you spot something that you don’t like in your twin flame, use that as an opportunity to learn about yourself. It means you have just identified something that you don’t like within yourself!

The hardest person to love and forgive is yourself, yet you need to learn how to love and accept yourself. As you do, you will find that you are more open to letting things slide that you don’t like in your twin flame.

Realise that you are on a spiritual journey of self-discovery and your twin flame has connected with you so that you both can be reunited through the relationship. Learn and grow together.

Love one another. Forgive each other. Help your twin flame grow and develop, then you will find that you are also growing because you are nurturing the other half of you.

It’s all about restoring the karmic balance.

When you start to do that, you will find that, even though your soul may have been split into two sometime in the past, you have become an inseparable unit with your twin flame.

The two have become one!

You are whole again.

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