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Understanding the 12 Chakra System

Lately you have been feeling run down, tired, exhausted. Your passion for life, that used to be so exuberant, is now waning and you are feeling disenchanted. You go to the doctor and, at a loss to explain what is happening to you, you are prescribed medication which does nothing to fix you.

Increasingly you wonder what is wrong with you. A friend mentions that maybe you need a tune up in your chakras, but you have no idea what a chakra is nor how to do a tune up. So you ask your friend to explain.

The Wheels of Life

Chakras are energy points traditionally running up your spine from its base through to the top of your head. The sanskrit word for chakra means “wheel” and that is what these points are. Wheels of energy that are based within what is referred to as your “subtle body” (you can think of this as your soul) and can mainfest in symptoms within your physical body.

So, your feelings of late can be considered to be a problem with one or more of your chakras being out of balance and in need of attention.

But, how many chakras are there and how can you fix them? Is it even possible to fix them? The answer is that there are believed to be hundreds (some claim thousands) of these energy centres exist and, yes,it is possible to balance them.

There are twelve chakras that are primarily involved with your physical and spiritual awareness. Healing and enlightenment can occur when you open these centres of energy.

The 12 Chakras

Traditionally it has been claimed that there are seven main chakras that, when activated, provide spiritual, emotional, psychic and physical healing. However, some spiritual healers have extended this system to 12 chakras.

These additional chakras (numbered from 8 to 12) are connected with accessing the spiritual realm and attaining oneness with the divine. Thus, they deal more with the spiritual aspect of awareness and allowing the divine flow and essence to permeate the entire chakra system.

Let’s look at the aspects of each of the 12 chakras and indications that they may be blocked or out of balance.

The 12 chakras are:

1. The Root Chakra:

The colour of this chakra is red and it’s your grounding chakra which is located at the tailbone area of your spine. It’s where the energy flows up from the earth and through your spine to the other chakras.

It is associated with our basic survival needs such as food, money, safety and security.

Indications that this chakra is blocked or out of balance are feelings of fear and insecurity. Also, you may experience unexplained feelings of restless and periods of aggression as well as being overly concerned about materialistic things. On the physical side you may feel constipated, have problems with your bladder or an eating disorder.

2. The Sacral Chakra:

Situated two inches below your belly button, the sacral chakra deals with your relationships, sexuality, well-being, creativity and joy. It’s colour is orange.

Signs that your Sacral Chakra is out of balance can be an inability to open yourself up to other people, lack of creativity and not in touch with your emotions. Physically you may have pain in your hips or lower back or sexual/reproduction issues.

3. The Solar Plexus Chakra:

This chakra, which is seen to be yellow in colour, is located in your abdomen area and is associated with your self-esteem, self-confidence and your will to succeed in life. It also deals with any past issues you have.

An unbalanced Solar Plexus Chakra is indicated by feelings of inadequacy, fear of rejection and the need to be in control. In your body you may have high blood pressure, feeling tired or stomach ulcers.

4. The Heart Chakra:

Found just above the heart, and is the colour green, the Heart Chakra deals with your expression of love and compassion, not only to others but towards yourself. It allows you to display empathy for people. It also is associated with feelings of inner peace.

Signs that this chakra is blocked or in need of balancing are a lack of love towards yourself and others, feelings of jealousy, fear of being abandoned. Physical symptoms are pain in your arms or wrists, asthma and pain in your upper back or wrists.

5. The Throat Chakra:

Located in the throat, this chakra is linked with our communication, self-expression, listening and creative expression. It’s colour is blue.

If your throat chakra is out of balance you may experience problems with self-expression or standing up for yourself, talking at inappropriate times or not being able to stop talking. Bodily signs can be a sore throat, thyroid issues, neck pain and pain in your jaw.

6. The Third Eye Chakra:

The Third Eye chakra is located in the forehead between the eyes and is seen to glow an Indigo colour. It is associated with our psychic ability, intuition, imagination, learning and memory. It also provides us with the ability to see beyond the physical realm into the spiritual world.

A blocked or out of balance Third Eye chakra is indicated by lack of intuitive guidance, an overactive imagination and emotional volatility. Within your body you may have headaches, problems with thinking clearly, or suffer from a loss of hearing.

7. The Crown Chakra:

Found at the top of your head, this chakra connects you with the higher spiritual realms and bliss. It’s violet in colour.

You may experience moments of enlightenment as the energy flows into this chakra. When fully open the crown chakra may aid you in fulfilling your life’s dream as you become to understand the limitlessness of life.

Signs that your Crown chakra is in need of balancing or unblocking are a rigid belief system that is resistant to change, an inability to consider other people’s points of view and a fear of being isolated. Physically you may experience depression, headaches, difficulty in concentrating on what you are doing and heightened sensitivity of your environment.

8. The Eight Chakra:

Located about an inch above your crown chakra, this chakra (also referred to as the Soul Star Chakra) allows you to transcend space and time and enter into worlds beyond these confines. It represents the divine energy that fills the universe. You also can access the Akashic records.

It also allows us to have a feeling of purposefulness in our lives and where we are at in the bigger picture of the universe. It’s associated colour is Seafoam Green.

Signs that this chakra is imbalanced are feelings of being spaced out or purposelessness in life due to the perceived need to be grounded to the earth. Also, an overly active ego and over-attachment to the physical realm. You may experience slothfulness.

9. The Ninth Chakra:

The ninth chakra (sometimes labelled as the Spirit Chakra) is situated slightly higher still above the crown chakra and allows you to communicate with a range of spiritual beings such as angels and guides. It is a blue green colour and enables divine blessings to flow through you and therefore aids you in fulfilling your life’s destiny as you yield to the flow of energy.

If this chakra is out of balance you may experience a disconnect with lessons previously learned (in prior incarnations) as you fail to integrate that with your current existence.

10. The Tenth Chakra:

There is some debate as to the location of this chakra with some people placing it a foot and a half below Earth’s surface. Others claim that it is found a few feet above the crown chakra.

This chakra (sometimes called the Universal Chakra) allows you to experience a personal, profound alignment with the divine and the universe. It is the grounding chakra that enables the other chakras in your system to be grounded and connected to the earth and appears as a pearl white colour.

An imbalance of this chakra may be exhibited by the inability to fully grasp the new skills released through the awakening of the ninth chakra. Also, synchronicity issues between the spiritual and physical aspects of your being can indicate a block in the tenth chakra.

11. The Eleventh Chakra:

The eleventh chakra can also be called the Galactic chakra and it lets one experience travel outside of the realms of time and space through such means as teleportation and bi-location (being in two places at the same time). It’s associated colour is pink-orange.

Through activating this chakra you are able to communicate with higher ascended beings and bring back the wisdom and knowledge that they have shared with you. It also contains the information of the soul, that is it is the database of all your experiences in previous incarnations.

An indication that this chakra is out of balance is a desire to force yourself into self-development rather than allowing it to occur in its own time and way.

12. The Twelfth Chakra:

When this chakra (also known as the Universal Chakra) is activated it enables you to experience unity with all that is. We feel at one with the divine, the universe and all that is contained within it. It is the fullest ascension and you become a conduit of peace, harmony, divine light and is of a gold colour.

A blocked twelfth chakra is indicated by sudden out-of-body experiences, unplanned movements of physical objects and inner visions that occur spontaneously and interfere with your daily living.

Each of these chakras operate independently yet in harmony with the other chakras. As the divine light ascends up from the earth (via the grounding chakras) and also descends from the universe (through the higher chakras), it enables each energy centre to receive divine energy and balancing.

A Meditation to Awaken your 12 Chakras

Now you are aware of the twelve chakras and how each one contributes toward you experiencing life in its fullness. But how do you activate these energy centres? What can you do to ensure they are unblocked and in balance with one another?

Meditation is the key. Taking time out to have a spiritual check-up and tune-up will ensure that your chakras are open and filling your subtle body and physical body with the light, energy and healing that will have you reaching ever increasing periods of bliss and enlightenment.

Here is a meditation video that will help you open and activate your 12 chakras.

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