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You Might Be A Starseed

Welcome to Earth

Do you ever have the feeling that even though you live on Earth, you might not actually be from this planet? What about a sense of loneliness and isolation, as though have a hard time relating to people? It could be that you are a Starseed.

But what exactly is a starseed?

A starseed is simply a being who, prior to incarnating on Earth, existed on another planet, in another galaxy or in another dimension. They are enlightened, wise souls who may not be consciously aware that they had a precious existence, though eventually they may experience an awakening and realise their true identity as a starseed.

Starseeds operate at a higher frequency and therefore may find it difficult to fit in with others and can experience a life of struggle and pain as they live on Earth which operates at a lower, denser vibration to that of the starseed.

Knowing that this planet is in need of lifting up into the higher frequencies that the starseeds have experienced in other worlds and dimensions, the starseeds volunteer to come to this planet to aid in raising its vibrations.

Each starseed has natural gifts and abilities that are particular to the star that they originate from. However, every starseed comes to this planet with the mission and intention of bringing healing, love and light to Earth and its inhabitants.

The most joy that a starseed can experience is when they are helping others, teaching or healing people or generally uplifting those around them. Through this they are increasing the vibrational level of not only the individuals they are assisting, but if the entire planet.

Wake up starseed

Starseeds, when incarnated into their Earth existence, have no conscious recollection of their prior life on the star or in the dimension from which they came. Yet, how do they come to know that they had a previous existence and how do they come to an understanding of their mission and calling while living on Earth?

An awakening occurs for individuals and it is through this process that one begins to know that they had their origination from somewhere other than this planet. This “wake up” call may be gradual and slow as one goes through the journey of self-discovery. Other times the call comes through some dramatic, transitional stage in one’s life.

You begin to understand that you came from somewhere other than this planet and that you are different, not in an egotistical way, but in a fundamental level within your soul.

There is the realisation that you have a higher calling and mission for your life. That you are not originally from this planet. You finally understand that you are a starseed.

What are the signs of a starseed?

Through the awakening process, you begin to understand that maybe you are a starseed. But are there actually indications that one is truly a starseed? What distinguishes people as starseeds?

Here are some general indicators that are commonly experienced by starseeds:

● You have a deep passion and wonder for stars, space and anything to do with science fiction.

● There is a difficulty in relating and associating with others because they operate at a lower frequency than you.

● Starseeds have a feeling of loneliness and abandonment due to having left their home environment to come to Earth.

● You have a reverence for nature and want to bring healing to the planet.

● The rules of society feel “foreign” to you.

● Experiencing life on a planet that operates at a lower frequency than the star or dimension you came from may cause you to be susceptible to anxiety and depression.

● As a starseed, you have a feeling that you don’t belong on Earth.

If you have checked off most of the above, then it could mean that you are a starseed!

Let yourself bloom

When starseeds awaken its a powerful thing because it means that they can appreciate their mission and purpose on this planet. The deep, higher wisdom that these beings possess allows them to bring love, light and healing to a planet that is in need of a vibrational pick me up.

Don’t feel like you are out of place when you come to recognise that you are a starseed. Embrace it, because you are accepting who you truly are.

Allow your inherent gifts to grow and bloom so that Earth and its inhabitants can be blessed and touched by the higher vibrational touch that you possess.

Like the stars that twinkle and shine in the night sky allow yourself to sparkle in the darkness that cloaks this planet.

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