Though Amethyst gemstone is classified as a semi-precious stone today, few other gemstones can compare with this most wonderful gem in terms of elegance, beauty, and powers to impact the body and mind of humans in a profound way. The ancients called it ‘Gem of Fire’. Amethyst stone is one of the rarest spiritual stones carrying the energy of passion and fire.

Amethyst is an extremely powerful and protective stone. It has a high degree of spiritual vibration. There are absolutely no negative effects whatsoever noted in wearing this stone. Amethyst stone has a unique capability to prevent mental stress and negative energies. The strong healing powers of Amethyst stone help the wearer achieve a happy and healthy life. Amethyst is also known to awaken the spiritual powers of humans.

Size and weight of the natural rose quartz tea light candle holder
One of the stand-out features of this tea light holder is the weight of it. When you place it down on the bench or tabletop, it isn't going anywhere. At approx 1kg, it is going to stay right where you left it. It is handy to know it is going to remain in that place as if you use real tea light candles, then you don't want it getting knocked over easily.

Fissures and irregularities can naturally be present in the crystal.
Being made from Crystal the lamps may never be identical and may vary in clarity and color as compared to the image.

Size - Approx 14 cm x 11 cm
Height - Approx 5cm
Weight - Approx 800 grams to 1 kilogram

You will be pleased to know the Amethyst tea light holder comes with a soft cushion on the bottom. This is to help protect the surface you place it on.

Amethyst Candle Holder - Tea Light Candle Holder