Surround yourself with white light, love and great energy with this  Obsidian tea light holder.
Black Obsidian is a strong grounding stone and one that effectively eliminates negative energy. It is a stone of psychic protection. It helps seal the aura and remove energetic attachments. It's energy creates a protective shield that helps one feel centered when faced with negativity.
It relates to the Root Chakra.

Size - Approx 14 cm x 11 cm
Height - Approx 5cm
Weight - Approx 800 grams to 1 kilogram
You will be pleased to know the natural Obsidian tea light holder comes with a soft cushion on the bottom. This is to help protect the surface you place it on.
Many customers like to place these in their bathroom or TV cabinets. Usually, these surfaces are nice and smooth and you want to keep them that way. With the velvet base, you can be assured it won't be scratching your surface.
There is no doubt these are an eye-catching piece of crystal. 

Obsidian TeaLight Candle Holder