This really is a special piece of Rose Quartz that has been polished beautifully into a perfect heart shape! 

The rose quartz tea light candle holder is perfect for any tea light, including the battery operated ones.


You can see why people are drawn to the pink colour of the natural rose quartz because it is so beautiful. And when it is lit up, the light adds to the sparkle and shine you see in it.


Size and weight of the natural rose quartz tea light candle holder

One of the stand-out features of this tea light holder is the weight of it. When you place it down on the bench or tabletop, it isn't going anywhere. At approx 1kg, it is going to stay right where you left it.

It is handy to know it is going to remain in that place as if you use real tea light candles, then you don't want it getting knocked over easily.


Size - Approx 9 cm x 9 cm

Height - Approx 6 cm

Weight - Approx 1 kilogram


There is no doubt these are an eye-catching piece of crystal. It is so beautiful when you contrast the crystal with a brightly coloured tea light candle.

Rose Quartz Polished Tea Light Candle Holder